Madison Chloe Morcom 11/10/11-12/10/11

by Katherine Morcom
(Durban - South Africa)

In February we got a huge surprise ,we were pregnant, No how could this happen. LOL

Pregnancy was really terrible compared to the 2 Girls, we were hoping for a boy, just because Auland is out numbered, I mean between the cats, dogs and hamsters.

I was due on the 08th of November.

On the 10th of October I went to the hospital as I had not felt baby move, I was 36 weeks pregnant. When they put the CTG scan on, I heard the heartbeat and felt really relieved.

I was on for 1/2 hour the Dr Said that Babys Heart Beat is erratic and they would need to do a Ceaser. This was a shock , not because of having a ceaser but because we were un-prepared as my scheduled C Section was for 26 October. I said to Auland he would need to rush home and get baby clothes as this baby was coming early by 2 Weeks.

Then after the panic of not having clothes for me or baby, they did another a CTG and said Babys Heart Beat was better, so they not going to do the Scan- Sheww what a Relief. K so can I go home. NO def Not they want to Monitor the Heart Beat every 4 Hours.

Auland goes home and I’m left in this hospital to ponder what on earth is going on.

The next Morning - 11th of October the Dr who is in charge of the Maternity section comes in and goes through my records and says, she is not happy so I need to go for a Full Feotal Scan.

11h30 comes I go down to the Scanning Room, and the Scanner lady asks if my waters broke, I said as far as I knew they didn’t as I am sure I would have known. She said I had no water at all. That is strange I said how can my water go from Thursday to Tuesday? She didn’t answer.

When I got back to my bed in the ward, the Dr came in again and said Baby is in stress and needs to come out NOW. So the Nurses start preparing me for Theatre. Bear in mind this is now 12h30. I phone Auland and tell him. As he is not allowed in the Theatre he was at work.
I say to him come visiting hours as I should be sorted out by then.

15h00 comes which is visiting hours Auland and my parents come in and Guess What? I am still in the ward and no Baby. So he visits till 16h00. Now I am waiting, I am getting frustrated. I tell the nurses I am getting P****d off. She tell me I am booked for 18h00. Great News, I ask her when will baby be out and me back in the ward, she says by 19h00. That’s Brilliant News , then Auland can come visiting Hours and see his baby.

I get wheeled to Theatre and I’m now nervous as this Injection in my back is painful and I’m a sissy.

Baby is born at 1850 and it’s a Girl, I ask them again to make sure and they say YES. Ok I have to believe them. But hang on I didnt hear a cry WHY What is Wrong? They say no cos she is prem her lungs are under developed. Ok I wait and finally hear a small eeek eek. Ok relax she is ok. They bring her to me, I kiss her and tell her to go see her Daddy, she is so small.

I finally get taken to my ward after 8 as I had to go to recovery. I see Auland and he says to me did you see our Madison, I said yes and was wheeled to my ward.

The next morning the Peadtrican came in at 06h00and told me that she was very sick and is in an Incubator with a ventilator breathing for her as well as a Catheter as she had not made a wee. Her blood was to0 acidic so every time they tried to inject her or put a drip in she bleeds. Will i let them do the Blood Transfusion, OF COURSE HOW CAN YOU ASK. She said I need to see her as she is VERY VERY Sick.

I tell Auland and he says she will be ok, I must stay positive, how can I , she is not well.
I tell my mom and she is there in less than 30 minutes. She tells me I need to see Madison, and I tell her no cos if anything happens to her then I have bonded with her, my mother nearly grabbed me off the bed and told me I need to get in the Wheel Chair and go and see her. I have to listen to my mom, so I did and when I saw her I nearly fell off the chair, she was so small and had catherter and ventilator and pipes in her mouth.

I touched her through the holes and told her I loved her and she needs to get better so we can take her home. I couldn’t stay any longer I can’t handle it she is so small and fragile and there is nothing I can do to make her better.

A little later around 11h30 I take a really slow walk and go Madison again, and she still looks the same, what can I do to make her better. I went back to my ward and i was waiting for Auland for visiting hours at 15h00. I must have just dosed off and the Nurse came in and said the DR wanted to see me Urgently. I talk a real slow walk to the Nursery and when i got there the Dr said she had passed. NO FRIGGEN WAY, she is still breathing.

I phoned Auland and told him he had to get to the hospital NOW, he must have driven there in 10 minutes, but it was the longest 10 minutes in my life. When he got there he said the same thing that was still breathing. The Dr asked if we wanted to hold her, I said yes and Auland said No. They took us into a private room and they brought Madison to us, she had a nappy on and was wrapped in a blanket. When they brought her to me and gave her to me, I cried and cried, she was a perfect Angel.

She was born on the 11th of October at 1850 and died on the 12th of October at 1315, she was here on this earth for not even 24 Hours.

R.I.P Madison Chloe Morcom.

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Mar 22, 2012
by: Katherine

Thanks a lot, it just seems harder everyday

Mar 20, 2012
Give it time
by: Janet

I am so sorry for your loss, Katherine. I cried when I read it. I know that this is not an easy journey for us but it will get better. I lost my beloved husband Jim 4 months and 19 days ago. You both have a long a difficult journey and head of you. My heart goes out to you. One breath, one otep and one day at a time is all we can do. God Bless You.

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