by Lisa
(Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England)

I first saw Magic in a paper advertised by the RSPCA. She had been in their shelter for a year and was still waiting to be homed. The moment I saw her I thought you are my cat!! She was a beautiful long haired black cat. I convinced my partner to see her at the shelter, but on the day when we saw her she just licked my hand & walked off. We decided whilst there to have a different cat. But on the way home I was consumed with guilt and crying my eyes out I rang the shelter back and said I had changed my mind. Weeks went by and I didn't hear from the shelter. I rang them and was told we should look for a cat closer to home & we couldn't have her. I was heartbroken! A month later the shelter rang me up and wanted to know when were we going to collect Magic as she was still at the shelter!!

A week later we took her home. She was not an easy cat to live with to start. She howled every night for the first few months, she hated being picked up and was quite antisocial. I however managed to win Magic over and over the next 9 years we became best buddies, we adored each other!! My other half was just someone the cat tolerated!!!

Anyway on 5th April Magic woke us up in the early hours howling in pain, she could not stand. She had been poorly for sometime with thyroid problems for past few years and had previously had a couple of Ministrokes. This time however was different. We rang the on call vet who said to take her to the surgery in town. Usually she would fight with all her might to be put in the carrier. But this time I carried her in my arms out of the house and whilst in the car.

At the vets she was examined & the vet agreed it would be kind to put her down. She did not put up any type of fight which and passed so very quickly. Although I know deep in my heart this was the right decision for her and would be feeling just as guilty if I had let her suffer I cannot believe just how much I am hurting & how much I miss her.

I keep expecting to see her waiting at the top of the stairs for me, find her lying on the bed or looking out the window. Two nights she had passed I swear I heard her meow for me to see where she was like she used to do. Then Monday morning I felt a tap on my arm waking me up. She always used to tap or claw me when she wanted to wake me up in the mornings. I even still wake up at 4.30am the time she used to try & wake me to have a cuddle.

Although this is so very painful because of the closeness we had; I am gratefull I was at home. I had 2 weeks before trapped a nerve in my neck. This allowed me to spend 2 weeks at home with Magic, moments I would otherwise have lost. It also enabled me to be with her when she passed as I would have been on night duty the day she passed.

What I am most grateful for is the times we spent together. The joy she gave, her crankiness - she was a cat who knew what she wanted & would let you know. Most of all the love and companionship she gave. She was a beautiful cat with such a big personality. Thankyou for being with us our lovely Magicocoloco!!

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Apr 12, 2014
by: Lisa

Thankyou for your kind words. I have cried every day since she has been gone, yesterday the worst as we put some of her things in the loft. Today I have placed a lovely picture of her in the lounge as I can now look at pictures of her without falling to pieces. Today I feel stronger and am at peace about her passing. I have 3 dogs which are helping to ease the pain and making me smile again.
Thankyou again for your lovely words.x

Apr 11, 2014
Our Kitties
by: Debby

Our fur babies are very special to us. And they are definitely one of the family. We had to put our Ragdoll Baxter down in May 2013. My husband and I cried our eyes out. We had l6 joy filled years with Baxie. My husband passed away on January 9, 2014, now I am missing my two guys in a big empty house. My husband was the love of my life and the grieving is non stop and unrelenting. I hope you find some peace and comfort in knowing you saved Coco's life once and that he had a good and loving home. You did the best you could! Take comfort in that.

Apr 11, 2014
by: Christine

Cute name. Our pets are as big of a part of our lives as people. They bring us love and joy when they are with us and missed very much when they are gone. Our hearts are broken and we shed many tears. Its time for you to go and find that magic of love in another furry friend. There is one waiting for you to take care of and love. God Bless you.

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