Mama's Song

by janis blackburn
(acme, alberta, canada)

hello. my name is janis blackburn. I grew up in a single parent family. mother raised 5 of us single-highhandedly. we were poverty-stricken and had many hardships. but my mother, elna, was a remarkable woman. I don't recall, ever, a day when she complained about anything. She had 6 major surgeries, and worked 3 jobs raising us. we had had a house fire and lost everything when she became a single parent. my father had left the family due to alcoholism right after the fire happened. we were strong willed children as well, energetic and opinionated, too. we all suffered from anger due to our father leaving the family. I was only 6 years old when he left. my brothers found athletic things to do coupled with neighborhood mischief sometimes. the younger brothers who were identical twins became somewhat ruled by inner anger and rebellion. so, eventually, mother had to get outside help with them so they would become respectful towards others. they were gifted artists, pen and pencil drawings,{could have become Disney animation artists} they were that good. my teachers discovered that I was gifted child in the arts, music and drama, and told mother to place me in a performing arts school. but that never happened due to lack of funds, so I was on my own to carve out some kind of career for myself. my precious mother believed in us always, never said any discouraging words and always believed we could all succeed at anything we chose to do. As the years went by, I won awards and studied classical voice, sang with school bands, performed in musical theatre, did classical concerts with chamber music musicians and many more performances of various kinds. mother and I were always close. I was her only daughter. There came a time when I had to move to another country, away from her. It was very hard on us both. we both cried for many years, being apart from each other. I've never known such a kind, loving and generous person as my wonderful mother. I miss her each and every day! I have written a song called Mama's Song. It truly tells the real truth about my sweet mama. I lost her 10 years ago now, due to old age illnesses and complications. but it seems like yesterday. sincerely, janis blackburn

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Feb 01, 2014
Your mother
by: Kate

What a beautiful tribute of love to your mother this writing is! I have not even gone to the song yet but had to say she was a remarkable mother for you to speak of her in this proud,beautiful and loving way. God bless you. I had a son who loved me like you loved your mama and he died a year ago and my heart misses his love so much. We were blessed. Your mother and I ,to have such loving children.

Feb 01, 2014
Mama's Song
by: Doreen UK

Janis Thank you for your well written story of your life. You had an interesting life even through the difficulties that one often has in life. I am one of 6 siblings. 5 girls and one boy. My mother was the matriarch of the family and kept us close. WE also grew up in poverty which eventually took it's toll on our family and caused my parents to divorce. My father would go out in the cold winter to chop down trees and bring the logs home to burn to keep his family warm. WE saw the hard raw struggles of life like one doesn't see today. But it developed character in us. I guess we all in different generations face our own struggles and we take from them what we will. I lost my mother 11 years ago and my husband just recently 20 months ago to cancer and life is more of a struggle now than in days past. A different type of struggle where the loneliness would be the toughest struggle to overcome if one ever can. But we can be thankful for the dedication, love, and devotion of our mother's who gave us life in the best way they could that will leave us with sweet memories we pass on to future generations. Having 3 Adult children I hope they will have equally good memories to help them through their life. A mother is such an integral part of the core of the family, keeping everyone grounded and together. Not having a father figure in your brother's life would have caused them to go off the rails and caused the difficulties they did. A father is such an integral part in a boy's life. Most of the struggles that boy's have in life will stem from the lack of a father. This lot then passes on to the mom who has to carry the burden. But most mom's do it well and somehow find deep within themselves the tenacity and strength to keep her family together, and nurture them well. I thank God for my Mom and Mom's in general who make the world go around.

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