Mango cat, not with us long enough

by James
(Royal Wootton Bassett, UK)

We only had Mango for 6 months before we put her down aged just 18 months. This is sad enough on it's own yet she was the sweetest, bravest, most loving cat I've ever known.

She was white with ginger splodges, what looked like a coffee stain under her nose and very obvious eyelashes. She had short, amazingly soft fur and an incredible ginger squirrel/fox-like tail, almost as wide as her body. Her beautiful amber coloured eyes were the same tone as the dark ginger streaks in her coat and she had a pink nose. She had long bits of cute white fur between her toes.

She was very loving, almost needy but feisty too, very fun loving, full of energy and cheeky.

She was more like a dog than a cat in some ways. She was, sometimes, obedient, she’s come when you called, and would get down from the worktop when told to “get down”. She was always very good at using the scratching post, though she did use the carpet and chairs sometimes. She would always respond to her name by looking at you, coming over or meowing. She would meet you at the front door when you got home and when you got up she’d always appear to say “good morning”.

She was very vocal, often chirruping and would often reply to you when you spoke to her. She’d usually say “thank you” when you gave her food, which was one of the highlights of her day.

She was very affectionate, always around us and following us everywhere, so much so she’d often walk all over your laptop keyboard to get your attention. She would lean forward to touch noses, chew/tug at our hair (to clean us!) and stand on her hind paws to brush up against us.

She also used to like to see our other cat when he got in and would follow him. On one occasion he jumped up on the worktop and she wanted to follow but she was never a good jumper, probably due to her eyesight, so she was just jumping up like a human, with her front paws outstretched. They only just got as high as the work surface and so she couldn’t get up there.

She was playful. Often she’d grab your legs playfully as you or her passed the other and she liked a chase game where she’d run down the stairs and you’d follow. She’d wait at the bottom and when you reached her she’d run to the kitchen. When you got there she’d dart across the floor, skidding as she went. Sometimes she’d bop you on the head or on your cheek if you were carrying her.

To begin with she hated being carried but she was better in time, especially if you walked with her, often purring as you did. When I went to bed I’d carry her out of the lounge and she always purred.

She had always had milky eyes and we found out that one was blind and the other partial sighted. We think this is why she was needy but she did incredibly well considering. She used to go outside but we didn’t realize she struggled to see. She’d play with toys and follow tickle sticks as they moved. She was a brave little cat and just got on with the hand she’d been dealt in life. She never brought any animals in, probably due to her eyesight, but she used to grab dish sponges and bring them in to you, as if she’d caught an animal.

Her left eye swelled and had glaucoma (5x the normal pressure), was pronounced blind and could have been removed. Her right also had calluses and so we were told it was likely to get glaucoma in the future. Her right eye was partial sighted and likely to go blind. As the first eye had got complications at a young age, and so quickly, it seemed it might happen soon and was a “ticking time bomb”. She also tested positive for the coronavirus which meant that she could have Feline Infections Peritonitis. There is no certain way to test if it’s dormant, most cats carry the virus, or virile. A protein blood test can indicate one way or the other but not with any degree of certainty.

When we had her put to sleep she looked at the vets the whole time but just before she passed away she looked at us lovingly.

She was the sweetest, most loving cat I’ve ever known and not with us nearly as long as I’d have liked.

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Dec 03, 2012
She was beautiful
by: Joyce Simmons

What a beautiful baby you had. I lost my baby much too soon, also. Mine was only 4 months old and I had bottle fed her since she was 3 weeks old. I lost her to the coronavirus, which did manifest itself as FIP. It was horrible, and I am glad your baby did not have to suffer that way.

Nov 06, 2012
by: hoyfoys

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm sorry to hear the sadness you've had so thank you for sharing. It's amazing how an animal can become such a big part of your life and how distraught you can be when they pass away. It also shows how much joy and happiness they bring.

Thanks again.


Nov 05, 2012
My beautiful Katie
by: Angela

My name is Angela
I had a cat called Katie, a Burmese, for 16 years. She was my daughter, my soulmate, my friend, my confidante. I had to put her down on September 11,2012 - because the last few months of her life she had kidney failure and she was beginning to suffer and was uncomfortable.
There are so many beautiful memories! The very first night I had her she insisted on sleeping on my bed - something I had never allowed another pet to do - and no matter what I did could not change that.
She played tag with me, I chased her through the house and she would hide under the bed (with her tail showing) excited that she had fooled me.
She would not eat her dinner until I had patted her first and only then would she look at her food.She loved being brushed and you could hear her purring a mile away. She was so very gentle and not once did I feel her claws on me.
I had a serious accident and was in hospital for 1 month and Katie had to be looked after by others. This was when her renal failure showed up.
I was unable to look after myself - my whole right side had fractured and I needed home care for 4 months. During that time she stayed with me and comforted me even though she was not well herself. She seemed to know her time was limited and she gave me so much love while I was recuperating. I cried and cried non stop for 2 weeks after she died. Even now tears will flow. She will always be in my heart.

Nov 04, 2012
by: Cindy

I to lost a very sweet GP on 09/19/2012 "Sweet Pea,"pee pee for short.
She was my husband GP but she let me love on her.
She had cancer and her back legs stop working so a choice was made to let her cross the Rain Bow bridge in our arms. She was a singer as well a very cool little girl. We have all the good times to look back on and know her sweet spirit is at rest. So be comforted that you made her last day one filled with love.

Nov 02, 2012
Mango, cat, not with us long enough
by: Doreen U.K.

James I am so sorry for your loss of your precious cat Mango. She was so young and did not live a very long life which is unusual for many cats. No one knows when they take on a pet how long the relationship will last so you just naturally go on loving and giving until tragedy strikes. Just as we struggle when we lose a loved one we struggle the same way losing a pet. I had a cage with 11 Cockatiels in. 2 flew out and then there was 9. Another one flew out and I decided to give the to a better and larger home with an Indoor and Outdoor Aviary. The birds are much happier now, but OH ! how I miss my little darlings. All with different personalities. Just thinking of them my heart aches. I get upset when a pet dies. I lost my husband to cancer 6 months ago and so LOSS is a struggle just now and so I couldn't consider keeping another pet. I instead feed over 50 birds that descend into my garden each morning for breakfast. This is the highlight of my day. I hope that you won't let the death of Mango put you off having another cat or other pet. If you are strong enough to cope with this it would give you the chance to love all over again. You could never replace Mango, but you could see this as her sibling. It must have been a very painfull moment to be in that room and see your beloved Mango look into your face knowing that she would never be part of your life again and you hers. May God comfort you in your grief and keep Mango in his loving arms and watch over her.

Nov 01, 2012
by: Don

My name is Don. I live in Orlando, FL. I am so sorry for your loss. I have a 14 year old tabby named Belle. I names her after my Mom, Anna Belle. Unfortunately, my Mom died the 5th of October. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the reality that my Mom is gone. It's so very hard...

Cherish the memories you had with Mango. She may be gone but will live on in your thoughts forever,


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