by maccy

One day soon you rich fools get a slap too,

While your saying Im free life cant touch me,

If I give to charity for instance,

then my conscience has gone the distance,

God is nearby but you choose lie,

Fear and vanity are the gods you seek,

But you"l see those like me an we tell thee,

Your money gods can"t save ye,

They only gods of your slithered belly,

You love them dont you Rothschild family,

Twisted creeper devil dynasty seed,

An my daughter died see,

Medical science about money,

Life too cheap people so many,

Like old bags with hole in,

We go in grave or dustbin,

Easier give morphine,

It cheap we kill you softly,

Make you for the first time comfortable,

cos were all big companies an its so profitable..

An while all suffer what does god do,

You stay quiet and in fear cos he promised you,

He will act soon and kill all the damn fools,

All fear and lies breed, like fruit on devil tree,

An none of it helped cos my daughter she dead see,

No Im not hiding I want answers to all the lying,

I want to hear the devil crying..

Medical science love the money,

Life is cheap people so many..

While gods and devils are refining and sifting,

Allowing tortured divine human testing,

Perfecting love through misery grants blessings,

Your all free to believe but fear what your hearing..

Some love to judge so we"l never be free,

Burning threads that twist empathy,

An say, I would never do the same as thee,

Far gracious and nobler my integrity,

They work harder an faster a bastard to be,

Takes time to refine while they stretch proud and free,

Upon questioning their reasoning,

Wings boastingly spread,

Saying God he will stand he"l protect me,

So when God says I never knew ye,

You that stayed quiet, you who are cowardly,

for when something is wrong and you never spoke up,

you pretenders that drink from the killer cup,

who say we wait on the kingdom you see,

Our hands are tied by what we believe,

you that are cowards will never be free,

the bravest person by far for me,

the truest love fought I ever did see,

She was my daughter her name was marie..

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Jul 12, 2011
so hard
by: kay

I am sending you love , I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my son. Your expressive poem shows your hurt and pain.I truly hope that eventually your pain will ease. It is a difficult and life changing experience. My thoughts are with you and Marie.

Jul 09, 2011
by: debra

great, you cannot hide the truth forever... thankyou for bravely sharing.. thankyou..debra

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