Marsha The Love of My Life 40 Years

by Rick

Well its been 2 months now 2-13-11 Marsha will always be the love of my life.I have been holding my own but when i got up today i got a funny feeling that she is now gone.I know she is gone and i will never get to talk to her again.But i just cant get this crazy feelling out of my head.I think she stayed around me to make sure id be ok,she must see the support i am getting from our kids and family.Strange that seams to be the only ans.Well thank you my love for looking after me you have done that for 40 now i will be fine you have my LOVE FOR ALL ETERNITY.You may be gone but our love will NEVER DIE Rick

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Apr 16, 2011
Gaurdian angel
by: Anonymous


Thank you for admitting that feeling. I too felt that Paul was around keeping an eye out for me. Helping me along in grief yet about a month ago that feeling disappeared. I do not know if it is me trying to accept this new life or my imagination gone amuck. I did feel him around during the worst moments of grief as if he were trying to console me. Please continue to come here and share your feelings. It helps you it helps us we are in a special group that no one can understand unless they have been there...

Apr 16, 2011
marsha the love of my life 40 years
by: jules

Rick - my husband John and I had been married almost 40 years, and I miss him so much - some days I don't know how I will go on. But I will - as someone on here said recently - it is how you cope that is important - you can't change what is.

Remember, every day - one step, one breath
take care

Apr 16, 2011
for Rick
by: Mari

I am very sorry, Rick, to hear of the loss of your wife, Marsha. Forty yrs is a long time. I know you are feeling a whole range of emotions. The grieving process varies with everyone and must be gone through.You have come to the right place Rick. Everyone on this board is caring and are here for you.
Remember that God is by your side and that someday you will see Marsha again. It will be a glorious reunion in heaven.
You sound very kind and caring. I would take a day at a time and ask the Lord to help you make it through.It isn't an easy road when you lose someone who was a part of yourself.
My husband passed away a yr and 5 months ago and I still miss him very much. I stay busy with church, 2 jobs and a bunch of grandchildren and a great grandaughter.I think of him every day and little things he said and did. I always remember him saying,''I do love you, you know.''
Be sure to take care of yourself Rick. In the darkest hours you can always ask for God's help. Please keep posting.We care.

Apr 15, 2011
Rest Now My Love
by: TrishJ

I am so touched by the way you told Marsha to rest. I'm sure she was watching over you. I know my husband Joe was weary from the fight. I've been so selfish with my feelings and missing him so much. I need to tell him to rest. I'm sure he's been scurrying about watching over all of us, making sure we'll be OK without him. It'll never be the same. The love and the memories never die.....but we will make it.
Thanks Rick. Every day I receive a new inspiration from someone else on this post. Something we all have in common is the love of a wonderful person. We should all be thankful for that. Some people search their entire lives and never find true love.
Peace to you.

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