massively deceived and betrayed

From 1999 to 2013 my husband of 17 years started traveling for 'business'. I was left at home raising my son. When we were asked to accompany other families on vacation spots such as carribean he maintained we didn't have any money even though he was making a good salary and I was making a decent salary. The reason we didn't have money was beyond human pain comprehension. A girl who was putting herself on the internet for older men hooked up with him and they ended up traveling the world to see wonders of the world on the family money. Its all gone. My husband who I loved more deeply than any man ever had sex with this girl, lied to me and lied through every event every holiday every moment we had been living I thought as a married couple who loved each other. The pain is beyond my realm. I can't even describe the depths of the deception and depravity of this girl. She had him take her to the city and hotel we married in and even to the furniture store where we bought our first furniture together. Its horrible. She destroyed the family.

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Jan 12, 2014
Sorry for the pain
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear this and what you had to go though. I think a good counselor, prayers will get you through. What ever you do even if you have to be alone for awhile never ever take this man back ever. He had 14 years to consider you and he did not. You and your son are way to important to ever allow anyone EVER to do this again to you. Take the time now for yourself and your son to grieve and work with a good counselor. I TRULY believe that GOD will Bless you with Great Love some day if you take the time for yourself now and work through this awful event. May God Bless you and your son!

Jan 11, 2014
massively deceived and betrayed
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your husband to betrayal and deception. Your husband got caught up in the semantics of an affair that went too far. Most men get caught up in the thrill of the moment without thinking of the consequences. I can't believe he got away with this for so long. Many marriages show signs of distancing and other signs long before this. But due to the fact that he was a traveller he would have showered you with gifts when he returned home,that would make you none the wiser for his outrageous behaviour. Your husband would have left you with immense pain, trust issues, betrayal and deception that would be so hard to come back from, due to the length of this affair. If he is still in this relationship it won't feel quite so sweet anymore. Any reconciliation would seem impossible. The least you could do is to find a good counsellor to help you work through your loss and pain so that you would be able to move on with your life. Get good supportive family and friends around you to help you go through this awful pain of grief. Grief is just as hard if not harder when the person you were married to is still alive. I lost my husband of 44yrs. 20 months ago to cancer and this is the one area I don't have to worry about. I almost feel relieved. My husband travelled all over the world in his 47yrs. career and there was always this concern. He did fall in love with someone else for 2 months and It nearly killed me. But because of the man he was I loved him till death us do depart or if he wanted out. He stayed and got the two worst diseases ever. ENCEPHALITIS in 2005 and terminal cancer in 2009. I became the best carer I could be. I loved this man more than words could say. I am sad he died. But relieved it wasn't to another woman. My husband knew through dying how much I loved him and said so. It took him too long to realise this. He had his own insecurities and trust issues, that were his issues of abandonment in childhood. I am happy I got to LOVE HIM TILL DEATH DO US PART. I am sorry for your pain knowing what this is like. But thankful I got to love him till death. HE WAS WORTH IT.

Jan 10, 2014
Massively deceived
by: Anonymous

I am so very sorry. It's rare a marriage last these days but there are those that do, till death do us part. I married my high school sweetheart. We have been married 28 years and together 33. The only way I can describe my love for him is if I were standing on a bridge and he told me to jump that I would be ok when I hit the bottom, I would jump.
Has it been easy? absolutely not? We recently lost our daughter and he has literally been my lifeline.
If we can survive the worst loss of all, I can assure you will survive this and believe that you can find true love again.

Jan 09, 2014
AWFUL Deceit and Betrayal
by: Judith in California

How Horrible for you My dear, The POS girl certainly had a part in it but she did not make him do anything he didn't want to do on his own. He, having no character or self control, or moral compass, ruined your life. Your husband did that on his own by choosing to disrepsect your marriage vows ,you and your child. If it wasn't her it would have been smeone else.

Did you not see the sihgns looking back? Did you turn a blind eye to his actions? Did you not ask the right questions or any questions that would have made him have to answer to you.

You were far too trusting my dear. All this huey people talk about trust in a marriage is bull. Never give anyone the benefit of the doubt. It's better to have a healthy open mind to the fact that most men will cheat. It's not right but they do because the inexperienced women blindly believe anything a man tells them. You gave him an inch and he took a mile.

I'm sorry for your pain. In time you will get pass this and I hope a wiser woman for it. Like many women before you.

I hope you have left him and don't take him back. Blessings to you in recuperating from this awful event.

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