Maxine,Our brown dog!

by Tanya

Maxine, Brown Dog, and aka Licky LOU!

Maxine, Brown Dog, and aka Licky LOU!

Max was a hand raised baby mixed breed, family member!I thank god I stumbled across this page after looking for answers.

Max died 2 days ago. She had no signs of being sick other than being a little depressed. Then it turned into what I thought was constipation.The next day I planned to take her to the vet if no improvement was seen.

On the morn of her death she wanted to go outside to potty. I was so thrilled even at 5:50 in the am. But it turned worse, She strained to potty and collapsed. I picked her up brought her in the house and left for the vet.

When we got there she was in shock and so was I. They were doing everything they could for her. She was dying from a ruptured uterus! She crashed and came back with a 5% survival rate after surgery.

I chose to put her down. Now I had to get a grip and bring her home to her true owner, my 11yr old daughter who missed school to wait for word on her companion. Ya see Maxine didn't belong to just all of us in the house, she was the true protector of my daughter and true companion.

I could not enter her room to give a good night kiss without addressing Max first. She played fetch, and took treats with grace. She was always waiting at the door with a wagging tail and silly crooked smile.

I am working through the pain and guilt and trying to help my daughter do the same. Not to mention the 3 other dogs in the same household.We are learning that the love she gave us was unconditional and awesome! RIP Max we love you!

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