Me and my dad

by Kaylee

My dad, sean roy killam.
The best dad anyone could ever ask for.
My dad passed last year, november 22nd.
My name is kaylee, i am 12 and heres my story about me and my dad.

I lived with my mom and dad as a baby, but they were not making the best choices which made it hard to raise me, i also lived with my brother and my sister, they are both older than me. So i moved in with my grandparents until i was 8 years old and then when my dad recovered he claimed me my brother and my sister, and we moved to newfoundland with my dad and his mom. We lived there for a year or two, until my dad met a woman ( named nicole ) online who lived in b.c. We lived there for about a year. My dad and nicole didnt have the best relationship, while i was living in b.c my dad had went to jail, and so my mother recovered shortly after my dad got out of jail and my mom ame and picked up my brother. Then a couple months later my mom came back this time she took me and my sister and we lived in alberta, this happened in summer, so i didn't go to school but i went to church. My mom met a man when she was in recovery and met him again he moved in, and i used to sleep with my mom but instead i was forced on the uncomfortable couch, it made my back hurt for weeks, my sister and my mom weren't doing the best so my sis moved back to b.c, and then when my moms boyfriend got enough money we moved to a small town. Then my sister moved in with us and my mom had a baby named jaxon. He is almost 2 years old. And then a couple years later, i was coming home from school, and my mom was on the phone and when she turned around and looked at me, she was crying. I asked her if she was okay, and she said yes, so i went upstairs. Later that day when my sister got home from school, my mom called me downstairs so i came and she said " its your dad the police called and said he was staying at a hotel when he collapsed, im so sorry!" We cried for hours, i thought it was just a dream i was just waiting to wake up.
So a week after there was a funeral being held in newfoundland and we went, and i saw my dad lying there. He looked so peaceful but at the same time he looked different, i could tell they put makeup on him, and he was lying in a casket with pictures surrounding him and i had a heart locket necklace and i put it around his neck and kissed him on the forehead.

I really miss my dad. It feels like only a couple months, but if you are reading this and you lost a parent, then i am really sorry, i hope you feel better knowing someone else understands your pain, i wish you the best.

Rest in peace
sean roy killam
1971 - 2011

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Nov 16, 2012
We feel your pain, your lose
by: Anonymous

My adult children lost their dad to cancer 2 2/12 years ago. I feel the lost every moment of my waking. My greatest pain, thou, is watching them grieve the lose of their Father and Hero.
I am so very sorry for your lose my sweet one. Please know that you are remembered each day in my daily prayers.

Nov 16, 2012
Me and my dad
by: Doreen U.K.

Kaylee I am sorry for your loss of your dad so suddenly. You have moved back and forth a lot and seem to have a confusing time with this but it hasn't affected your attitude. For one so young you act with maturity.
Your life sounds unstable due to your circumstances moving around. but you make it sound like an adventure and then interrupted by the death of your dad.
Life is hard at your age trying to school and deal with your loss. If you find yourself struggling at all with grief. Try and speak to someone about this. Don't bottle up your feelings and grief. We are all having to adapt to a new life without our loved ones and it is not easy. You just keep Hope alive in your heart that you will see your dad again someday.
WE are never quite prepared to leave this world. I hope that life treats you well and that you will be successful in all you do.

Nov 15, 2012
I feel really sorry for you
by: Anonymous

That is a reply sad story but don't worry it will get better trust me.

Nov 15, 2012
I'm sorry for your lost
by: yolanda

For being so young, and been through so much of your parents decision in life is so sad.. but look at you, the way you sound with passion and love in your heart. Loving your dad unconditionally no matter what, what amazing young boy you are, your dad was bless to have you..remember your dad will always be with you forever, he will protect you and love you. Now your dad is free of pain, struggles of life here on earth.. Always talk to him, he will listen..Spiritually are love ones could see us but we can't see them..make your dad proud of being the best son, student and a wonderful human being. God Bless you, be strong and know your dad is right next to you..

Nov 15, 2012
It will be ok
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel when I was just turnin 11 my step dad had died when I saw him in that casket I broke and I didn't know wht to do it hurts u feel alone it's hard then when I was 3 my real dad had died and it was already hard for me but sometimes I say to myself is this going to be the rest of my life but u just have to know that it will be ok at done point best wishes for you and your family

Nov 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

I read your story-you are very young, but I am glad you told your story-It helped me by writing it out on paper. Losing a dad is very awful and I am 40 it is hard, but you been so young, I am sorry for your loss.

Just take it day by day and one day when your married with a family, you will be able to share your story and memories about your dad.

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