by jolee ghyst
(sanbernadino ca usa)

OK so its been 5 years since my grandmother meemo died and it still hurts like it was yesterday. we had been fighting a drug resistant bacteria in her system but the said she was OK to come home and when she did everything was good i thought, i went to a friends house and she introduced me to my now fiance and that day i stay at my friends house my boyfriend went home and i went to tell meemo what happened and how happy i was and i felt this weird detachment to the world and i know that sounds weird but i did i felt her not there anymore so i stopped in the middle of the street and as i did i saw my sister and mom come out and all they said was " I'm sorry" is that what everyone said i think so, so i climbed my tree and cried and yelled that it was not real and that she was still here i would give up anything just to see her again but i couldn't so i went into my house and said goodnight to her and played my violin for the last time i have not played since that night. this is my story and this is my life and i know it wont get easier but at least now I'm not the only one that knows about meemo

R.I.P Karen Ghyst died June 17 2008

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