Melissa Torbet

by Melissa

My dad was the best man in the world, he had that down to earth spirit and lit up the room the second he entered it. my dad always supported me in all my decisions. especially Hockey. I was a daddy's girl and we had always joked about being better than being the royal family, we'd be the Father and Daughter that ruled the world.

for a few days we had been at my cottage, and i told my dad that we had to go home, right now because i wanted to visit some of my friends. So we packed up our stuff and headed out at 8:00pm. Having it be January and living in Canada it was snowing very heavily and we had the snow from the side of the road blowing in our view. Making it almost impossible to leave. Suddenly we see light coming out of control, and my dad swerves trying to miss whatever it was but the other car ends up hitting us and we flip over into a ditch at around 8:30.

I passed out for a little bit but i wake up hearing sawing sounds and men shouting stuff at eachother. i open my eyes and see a light shining in my eyes and someone saying "she opened her eyes! Now lets get her out" I feel someone touch my throat feeling for a pulse and then i remember my dad, i look over and see his head is bleeding bad, but he has people trying to get him out.

I think they said 9:50 is when me and my dad were both rescued. There are 2 ambulances waiting and i see my dad in a Gurny being loaded up and bleeding having people pumping his air. then i am lifted into my ambulance. I dont remember much of the ambulance ride.

I remember waking up to a nice nurse checking on me. and said i was okay and suffered a minor concussion and a few fractured fingers. I asked about my dad and Angela (the nurse) said that he wasn't in the best condition but i could go see him.

The second i saw my dad in Room 12. i saw out his window that it was morning. so i slept through the night. But i remember just seeing him hooked up to all these machines not a smile on his face he was barely moving and i could just remember that slow, loud beeping noise every second that his pulse registered. i walk closer to get a better look and he just wasnt my dad, he was this lifeless corpse attached to a ton of machines and ivs, no smile no lighting up the room. he was just lifeless and miserable. Seeing that he was concious i didnt want to burst into tears, but it was so hard. i was afraid i would upset him and make him unstable. then i hear him say "Come hear Soldier" he called my soldier because even through the toughest times i wouldnt cry and wouldnt show weakness i was just strong. My dad my holding out his very shaky hands to me and i got up on his bed and just lied there for a good 3 hours and we just snuggled and talked.I remember our last conversation was "Daddy, promise me you'll never die" "I'm Fine!" "Promise me Dad!" "I pinky promise Soldier". The nurse came in saying i needed food, so i told my dad id be right back that i just needed food. i left with the nurse.

Checking the clock in the room she brought me too it was 12:00.

As i got closer to my dads Room with Angela i hear doctors shouting things being shook. and i see my dad shaking, he was having a seizure. I start running to his room screaming "daddy, Daddy wake up! daddy im here,daddy stop youre scaring me!" The doctors gave me the saddest look as i watched him being shocked with the defribillators. before i knew it i was picked up and rushed away. Its as if time just stopped. everything went silent and me and my dad were at the cottage and i didnt ask to leave. and we decided to go skating together.

I heard Angela saying my name asking if i was okay. i snapped back into reailty and said "wheres my daddy, is he okay? dad?!" A Doctor walked up to me and told me to sit down. So he sat me down and said that my mom was on her way. Then he got serious and said "Melissa, your dad, you saw him shaking and hearing loud shocking sounds right?" "yes, is he okay? can i go see him" "Well Melissa, your dad is up there, he's in a better place."

On January 25, 2009 at 12:12 in Room 12 my daddy died from a Minor subdurmal hematoma complication.I was 10 years old. he was only 46. I am now 14. and Coming up very soon marks the 4th year i dont have my best friend.

I miss you always daddy, thanks for never giving up on me and giving me hope and courage and telling me everything will be alright. I know you are watching over me and i want you to know that i am alright, you may not have gone out of this world the nicest. and i sometime think i am the cause. i love you Veteran.

sorry i had to write this on here. i just need to get all my emotions out. thanks.

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Jan 08, 2013
Melissa Torbet
by: Doreen U.K.

Melissa I am sorry for your loss of your Dad. Please don't apologise for telling your story. You gave us a very important account of a man who was very special in your young life. YOUR DAD.!!!
Your Dad was too young to die. You were too young to go through this. But DEATH is no respecter of persons. DEATH visits us at any time, age, and anywhere. Melissa you had such a beautiful relationship with your father. I am so sorry that this has stopped. You have memories and a deep hole in your heart for losing him whilst you were so young at 10yrs. of age. You still had a lot of father nurturing to experience. This was such a very sad story of loss. How is your Mom doing? She lost a husband and her pain and loss will be so hard. I lost my husband 8 months ago and I am hurting also right now from being married to the most humble and loving man that has left me feeling lifeless and struggling to go on each day. Melissa life is so tragic and sad and full of sorrow when such a freak accident cuts short a young father's life and robs him of the joy of still being a father and enjoying his life. You were robbed of father and daughter times together. I hope that you have other male members in your family e.g. uncles who can mentor you and help you get through your tough years of being a teenager. You had a good foundation of love and nurturing which should help you become the best young woman your parents reared you to be. I hope that you are healing from your loss and that life will be good to you in your future years and that life will be happy for you again and that you will be Blessed.

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