Meme (grandma) I miss you!

by Lauren Bailee Willis
(Atlanta, Georgia )

My grandma was my only grandma who I associated with. I guess you never know how much you love person until there acutely gone but here is my story.
My grandma passed in July. It's been about 10 months that I haven't talked to her since she passed. It all happend so fast. Me and my sister had been living with her because my mom was away in rehab. That was 5 months I spent with her before her death. I am so glad I got to spend that time with her. She was like a mother to me. When my mother acted up I could go to her. I could tell her stuff that I wouldn't tell my mother. So for her to be gone and me not being able to talk to her really is depressing. The last day that I spent with her went so well. She had been walking because she was trying to get back healthy to recover from her heart surgery. But we went on that walk we had a great time. We talked and laughed we were cherishing the moment. After that day it was time for me to go because my mom had got out from rehab. We were moving to Atlanta. Her and my granddad drove us to Atlanta. That was also another time I got to spend with her. But when her and my grandad dropped us off that was the last time I saw her. I kissed her and hugged her goodbye. That was the last day I saw her up and talking. So as the month of June things started happening. I could hear my mom on the phone talking to her saying jean don't say that you can survive. As the week went by later she was in the hospital she was really sick. This was the second time i saw her during this horrible time she was in the hospital bed. She looked really peaceful. When I walked in the hospital room I saw my grandad eyes red and it really hurt me to see him like that. What also hurt me was seeing her mom my great grandma. But she was lying on the hospital bed eyes closed she kinda had a smile on her face. That night I left that being my last time seeing her alive. That night we went to my grandma house to stay. In the middle of the night my sister woke me and my cousins up. We realized us and are great grandma were the only people in the house all of are adults were gone. ( this was midnight and are great grandma was sleeping) we were trying to figure out we're they were.( all the adults went to the hospital) My sister had called and called my aunt and my mom but they didn't answer. Finally we got a call back. My aunt called saying she didn't make it. We had to take this as kids I was 11 at the time. We were heart broken to hear that our only grandma passed away. The adults never told us how she really passed we just know she passed. That was the worst day of my life. I had lost my only grandma. And on top of the death of my grandma my great grandmother passed (her mother). They said she passed of a broken heart. Losing her favorite child. But that's my grief story. The funeral was another worst day of my life seeing them close the casket with my grandma in it. Got me I was so sad on the day of the funeral. But I know she and my great grandmother are in a better places. Resting in peace. It Been a year now that my grandma past there's not a day that goes bye I don't think about her. She was my everything and I love and miss her so much.

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