Mike Wilson

by Mike Wilson
(Panama City FL)

In 1981 my senior year in high school i lost my mother to a sudden heart attack. in 1988 i lost my brother to cancer. In 2009 I lost my father who was an alcoholic. In 2010 i lost my son in an auto hit and run. As he was about to graduate from a 5 year degree. Before this, in 2007 my wife of 23 years walked out on me. It has been tough and I am married now trying to cope with her family. They are great people and i feel i am ruining my relationship due to all of the loss in my life.

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Jul 23, 2014
by: Netty

To hear of your losses in your life it is very sad. I am truly sorry for what you have had in your life.
I recently lost my husband of 25 years, though I have not lost a child, again I am so sorry.
What I have learned thus far is one day at a time and let the emotions flow. Not to hold them in, to seek those who have losses to talk to as we understand better than those who have not.
No one can take the place of those in which you lost and to cherish those memories, embrace them, cry with them, laugh if you can with them, but let them in.
It has been almost 8 months since my husbands death and I cry almost daily, I laugh recently, I function better and better as each day goes by.
I never thought it would get better, but it does. I am amazed.
When you find your new normal or on the path to it, you will see the pain lessons it is real, it does lesson.
Hug those you can, speak to those you can. Just do what you can each day, write here as you can, just do what you can. As you do you will see that maybe today is a good day.
My prayers are with you.

Jul 22, 2014
Mike Wilson
by: Doreen UK

Mike I am sorry for all the losses you have experienced since 1981 to now.
You probably did not grieve well those losses. But I suspect the loss of your wife walking out on you will be the one that is causing you the most hurt and difficulty. You could always go and see a counsellor for support, managing the loss of your previous marriage when your wife walked out on you. This way you are unlikely to carry any emotional baggage from your previous marriage to the one you have now. Especially if you are having difficulties presently. I have done the counselling years ago and it does work if you get the right counsellor and you would be amazed at how better you will feel.
It is so easy to carry emotions into a new relationship. It is a tough adjustment getting used to living with someone new, after being with someone for 23yrs. You will have established ways of living in those 23yrs. which may be hard to undo. Seeing a marriage counsellor is also a good way forward as they will be able to spot any difficulties before they cause serious problems that could have been prevented. You will also learn about boundary setting which will help educate one in not allowing extending family to intrude in your space or marriage.

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