Miss my beautiful Mom

by Mat

My Mom is gone since Jan 19th 2012.
it still looks like that day to me...
did not have a chance to talk to her before she died...my last words with here were through the phone …
she used to be sick with arthritis rheumatoid but unexpectedly she died of infarct myocardial.
We were prepared that she could get totally paralyzed from arthritis but never crossed our mind that she would go this soon. She was only 53 years old and had so much to live still.
I feel pain everyday every hour…and I still miss her so much. I wish I could have had a moment with here to tell her how much I love here and how important she is to me.
Now my life seems meaningless without her. I am expecting the pain to get better but with time it is getting worse. I feel so lonely without my moth who was my strength, my joy, my everything.
I am 31 years old single with my dead of 61 years old.
I just see no point in life anymore when even fighting against one thing you die of another. No point when life is only suffering and than death

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Mar 28, 2012
Thank you Hannah
by: Mat

Thank you so much Hannah for this comment...
i know that only someone who has shared the same experience with a great mom can understand me in this...your words are of great comfort to me. everytime i am down i come to the site and read your words and my bad ideas change into some good ones.

i still cry every day and i still miss my mom a lot even though it has passed more than two months now. i see her pictures and still do not believe she is gone for real, for good. my heart stops in those moments and i really wish it does sometimes so i can be with her.

i hope or both moms are proud of us...

Mar 25, 2012
miss my mother - my HERO
by: Hanna

WE all love our mothers, that is why the pain is inevitable; no one can replace your mother in this lifetime - no one!!!! especially if she was a great mom, like mine was. She was a real ANGEL ! Of course we did not know that when she was here, with us! but now? we would give anything and everything to have one more chance to tell her how much we love her and how we appreciated everything she has done for us; sacrificing her own young life to care for us. The pain of loosing your mother who you loved so dearly, is such that one can die from that pain...but our mothers would not want us to do that. I know my mother would be very disappointed if I were not to continue handling this life like she did. With pride and beauty, with compassion, perseverance, with grace...She gave us an example how to live this life...so you too my friend, don't disappoint your mother: do you think she carried you for nine months in her womb for nothing. She had high hopes for you and your life, she wanted you to be happy regardless...so if you don't believe in God per se, believe that she is in the best hands ever in the Universe, in some other dimension where we go after we depart from here, even better than in this life. Believe that she is loved even more, in most beautiful place in the universe.
Believe that she is not in pain, but in bliss. Believe that she is watching over you, hoping that you overcome pain and make her proud..because one day, my friend, when your time comes to close your eyes in this world, you will open them in the next, and she will be there to great you..when you look into her face don't you want to be proud of yourself, how strong and courageous you were after she left??? Let's give our mothers something to be happy about. Being sad, makes them sad. When we are happy they are happy too. Be strong for you and your mother, she will appreciate that. With love.

Mar 13, 2012
by: Mat

that it what i am trying to do...just living life as a robot, doing all the required things, daily jobs but feeling nothing. My mom is/was the only thing that mattered in my life. she would give a sense to my life and now it looks to me like i am in a ship without direction just going around.
today she would turn 54 years and instead of celebrating her birthday i will take some flowers to her grave... if i stop and think a whole life without her it feels like i am going to loose my mind... i hope she hears me and feels me when i say how much i love & miss her...

Mar 08, 2012
I feel for you
by: lost

I lost my mother eleven months ago yesterday 13 days after being diagnosed with cancer. No goodbyes nothing at all. My heart is broken and each each is getting worse. I think I am going crazy i take it one second of the day at a time because looking to geth through the whole day is just overwhelming. Just take it one second at a time

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