Miss my Dad

by Elizabeth Gonzales
(Albuquerque, NM)

I lost my dad two years ago tomorrow in a car accident.
He meant the world to me.
Now I feel alone especially with society making you feel that you are crippled when a tear goes down my cheek.

I hope nobody ever experiences this grief.
It happened all too soon.
My dad I just talked too
was gone, from an automobile accident.

I cry, not because he's in a better place
but I was not allowed to say goodbye

so everyday I wake
I still say Hi to dad in heaven
and will wait until we meet by the beautiful gates.

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May 04, 2012
I am sorry for your loss (continued)
by: Anonymous

As I read what I wrote, I feel it's important to mention that there were many kind and decent gestures extended to myself and our family as well, some direct, and some quiet that were probably never meant to be noticed, but perhaps to just make things a little easier.

And if the shoe had been on the other foot, I hope I would have done as much for them - I think it's very important to recall this as well as the minor 'judgment' I was talking about, in fairness to how 'others' treated our family and myself. It's a healthier and more constructive perspective for myself, and better guidance for a younger person going through this.

When I said 'if I have any bitterness', I really don't have much, and it wouldn't do me any good if I did. It was just a hard thing to go through, and people just have to do it the best they can.

May 03, 2012
i am sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

"Now I feel alone especially with society making you feel that you are crippled when a tear goes down my cheek"

If I have any bitterness towards others after losing my Dad in a car accident when I was five year old, it's over that, being judged for occasionally having a sadness that others could not possibly understand, and one I was carefull to be private about.

That was 45 years ago. It all came back to me after finding archived newspaper articles about it on the internet, learning a few minor details I had never known before, seeing a very grainy picture from the scene, a nightmare made real.

Those who know, understand and do not judge you. Those who think they could have done better, should be gratefull they never had the chance to prove it.

I am sorry for your loss, and the best to you. The best way to honor your father, is to enjoy the life he gave you (as hard as that may be at times), and make the most of it. You are entrusted with what he left of himself in this life

Apr 01, 2012
your not alone
by: marky pars s/ wales

hi ,
read your letter , dont worry its normal to feel loss and pain , were all in the same boat here no matter how our dads have passed away we are all hurting and finding it hard to cope, so many things go through your mind so many things you wanted to ask them but never did, did i do all i could for them how many times did you tell how much you loved them ,there loads of iff i or should i .

lord give this wonderfull person the light forward
as i have found with you.
like me her dad was everything , and i feel the pain she feels .
please help her in her time of need and help her move on not forget just adjust to life without her wonderfull dad thinking of your in my thoughts and prayers xx

Apr 07, 2011
I miss my Dad, too
by: Marjorie

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad 5 months ago...and just putting those words on the screen is surreal and unbearable...I don't want to be writing this right now! Why do I have to suffer? Why does anyone?

I'm so sorry...it's so terribly difficult...I hope tomorrow is better for both you and me.

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