Miss my Grandparents so much :(

by Emily

My Grandad(dad's father) died when I was 8 years old of Stomache cancer. He was a really funny guy and would always make me laugh, he used to take me and my sister fishing and out for a ride in his car until he had to sell it, Him and my Nan had a cat that I was allergic to it and my Grandad would always make a fuss if the cat got in and my eyes were sore. It was a shock, although he had been ill for a while I never expected him to die. He was only 63 when he died.
It has been about 8 years since he died and I miss him so much, I always wish he would of been there to cheer me up when I was down and make me laugh. I always think of the what if's like what if he would of got treated sooner? what if he wouldn't of drank so much when he was younger? But I know that none of that will change it.

My Nan(mother's mom) died when I was around 9 years old. She was an amazing woman, she would always give me advice and she looked after me when I was young and I was always round her house, she gave me great advice and was always willing to have a joke and a laugh with all of us, However she suffered alot throughout her life, She had empyshemia because she smoked alot when she was younger, I remember the day before she died when I went into the hospital ward and said goodbye to her one last time, I told her that I loved her one last time and I am so glad that I got to say goodbye to her, She told me to never put a cigarette in my mouth ever again and I am proud to say I have NEVER tried a cigarette and I never will, It was hard for me to witness my Nan go through so much pain especially as a 9 year old girl and not being able to help her was hard, In a way her death was a relief to us all because she isn't suffering anymore and I am so greatful for that. I miss her so much.She was 78.

My other Grandad (mom's dad)died recently, well about a month ago, I have been finding it hard to deal with especially because it was such a shock. I feel guilty for not going to see him more and now I can't see him again which hurts me alot. I was close to him when I was young because I went round him and my Nan's house, I used to stay there for the day whilst my Mom went to work. He always walked me to nursery and took me on the bus and down the shops and park. I really miss those days I had and would give anything to get them back. It was a shock mainly because I never expected it, His health had deteriorated over the years because he couldn't walk and wasn't really comfortable he had also been to the doctors alot but he always seemed to get over it, he never let anything bother him and would always make a joke with me. I really miss him so much, I am greatful he got to see me grow up unlike my other Nan and Grandad, He got to see me in the last year of school and beginning the start of adulthood. He lived to the good old age of 86(which isn't bad) I have had dreams about him when he comes and talks to me which is really nice :)I miss him so much, I miss them all.

I don't know if anyone can reply to this post, but I am 15 years old and have lost 3 grandparents. I know it is unavoidable but I get so scared for the future and when I loose my parents, they are everything to me and I never want to loose them. Has anyone else lost 3 grandparents or any grandparent? or am I the only one? My Nan who i my dad's mother is still alive and she is only 68 which is pretty young for a grandmother of 7 grandchildren! I always worry about the day she dies, but my sister has said to just make time with her and cross that bridge when it comes to it which is true. My other grandparents did have alot of health problems and did smoke and drink alot which is something my parents have never done and I thank them for that. I thank God for letting me have these wonderful people in my life and I hope that everyone else who has lost grandparents or a grandparent will take comfort in this. Just look towards the future and make the most of who you still have, because it is a fact of life that everybody has to die one day. I have found it hard to cope with my grandfathers death and I have started to seek counselling but I know that in time I will be fine again and so will everyone else on here. God bless you all <3

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Oct 10, 2012
Grandfpap Bennett
by: Anonymous

I have been there too--I am 62 years old and the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with is the loss of my grandfather--I lost my parents and two brothers and my grandmother, but the loss of my grandafther haunts me. In my dreams he is still alive and has just been away for awhile. He never tells any of us where he has been all these years. OMG I miss him so much. He was such a wonderful and caring and generous man.I pray that I may see him one day. that God will forgive me for my terribel sins and reunite me with him. I know that he is in heavan because he was such a good man.

Dec 29, 2011
by: Leah

Its allways hard when you lose loved ones who you loved and looked up to. Ive lost all my grandparents, but life goes on. I am glad i didn't waste time thinking what if and beibg scared incase my nect grandparent died, because i would gave missed out on time i would regret whrn i lost them. Every life is special, but no life is forever - and would we really want to live forever. It sounds like your grandparents suffered on earth but now theyre in a place they dont have to. Remember to cherish the ones you have, don't waste time regetting and being scared because you vould miss oppurtunities with the loved ones there now. love and best wishes, Leah x

Dec 21, 2011
M Mack
by: Precious Grandparents


Your sister is right to tell you to make the most of what you have - not concern yourself so much in what you lost. The circle of life is part of Gods plan for all of us. We are fortunate to have precious grandparents and then it's time for them to go home. Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they are not around you. They are always around you in spirit. The soul never dies, it just goes on to another plain, one we don't see in our dimension. Trust the love, happiness and good feeling you have in your heart for your lost grandparents to help you through your grief. Know that they want you to be happy, laugh, and live a good life. You have been given valuable experiences as a teen, to have grandparents in your life. Use them wisely and treasure the love they gave you as a stepping stone for your future. Hope you feel better and sending you hugs for comfort.

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