miss you mum xXxXx

My mum died of cancer this year, and honestly the emotional pain that I am experiencing is worse than any physical pain that I could ever go through. Though we were never close when I was a child, 2 years before she passed we seemed to finally have a close mother daughter bond. It was because of that bond that I insisted on going to see her everyday in hospital and watch her take her last breath.
My mum was my safety net, if I needed anything she would give it. A heart of gold who I will miss terribly everyday until we meet again in the next life xxx

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Nov 29, 2012
miss you mum xXxXx
by: Doreen U.K.

I am sorry for your loss of your mum to cancer. I lost my husband to cancer 6 months ago and it is pure HELL to try to go on in life without Him. Mum's nurture us and meet all our needs as best they can, they ask nothing in return. I lost my mum 9 years ago and I seem to be grieving more for her since I lost my husband.
emotional pain is extremely painfull. There is no pill for this pain. Counselling is the only ointment I know of that does help.
We will keep losing people from our lives as long as we live and some are harder to bear than others. Since I lost my Beloved husband I have never know pain like this grief I bear. It hurts so deep to my core. Everyone who shares their pain can identify with everyone else on this site as feeling the same way.
I hope that you have kind caring supportive people around you to help you in the weeks ahead and who will comfort you when you need this as it is a very difficult road to travel.

Nov 28, 2012
Keep believing
by: Anonymous

Thanks for coming here to express your feelings. I lost my Mum two months ago today and I am wondering: How is it possible that nothing and no-one can prepare us for this heart-wrenching sorrow...?

I do not know how old you or your Mum were when she passed. However, I am certain that (like me) you must at some point have met someone who had lost a mother. Why do we just move on from those people? Why don't they try to say what they are feeling or, even if they don't tell us, why do we not try to understand a little better?

I suppose the answer is, firstly, that it is not the kind of pain which can be expressed in our routine day-to-day exchanges. Now that I am in this position myself, I know that it would be futile to try to relate these feelings to anyone who has not experienced this earth-shattering loss. I instinctively know that no words or actions can ever do justice to the deep, raw sorrow inside me. Perhaps another answer is that, if we had known about this pain, we would have crumbled the day we first opened our eyes and gazed upon our mothers. To know how devastated we would be when they are taken from us would have been too much to bear, and perhaps we would not have been able to undertake this journey in the way that was prescribed.

I have so much unbearable frustration and sorrow over the lost years when I might have been close to my Mum, but, like you, I am fortunate that I was able to renew our bond before she passed. She was already in the moderate stages of Dementia at that point with an early diagnosis of Cancer. Yet, I had three years to try and make up for the time we'd lost and I am eternally grateful for that. I know my Mum is too, and I know that she will be waiting to receive me when my journey is done and I can progress to that place of peace where she is now.

Since she left on 28 September, I've had the feeling that I can talk to my Mum, that she is nearby, listening to me and guiding me. Sometimes I am able to smile or to laugh, remembering that we shared the same brand of daft humour. There is so much I remember and so much I regret, but, above all, there is the knowledge that we were made from the same material, physical and spiritual. For that reason alone, I am confident that we will find each other again someday, just as you know that you will find your own precious Mum again. Keep believing.

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