Missing A Part of Me

by Sheila Sierra
(Springfield Mass )

Me My Mother And My Dad

Me My Mother And My Dad

My mother was always a healthy person. In a course of a year everything changed,My life changed completely. My family and i went on a family vacation to Puerto Rico and when we came back my mother got really sick. It started with a dry cough that was constant then to her losing weight. In a month she lost almost 50 pounds. she became really skinny. Then it got to the point where she had to get blood transplants. The doctors had said that she has milodyslacia syndrome which is weakness in the bone marrow i believe. She began getting sicker and sicker and she kept getting more and more transfusions. I suffered it all with her. It got to the point that she was hospitalized for almost a month. I will never forget this part. I had gone to school i was a sophomore at the time and i got home and my dad had told me my mom was back in the hospital and i cried but she was okay. She was okay for 3 days. My dad had an appointment in the morning and i didn't go to school cuz no one could give me a ride i was happy all that day and i was so happy to go visit my mom. She was okay when i saw her. They had put an oxygen mask on her and it bothered her so they took it off. I had left with my dad for a minute and when i got back my mom couldn't talk. The doctors told my sisters and dad that my mom had 3 months and that we should enjoy every minute of it. i was in shock and ran into the bathroom and cried. Although a part of me said " i have time to enjoy with her."
not even hours later they moved her to a different room. The doctor came back and told me not to listen they had told my sisters and dad that my mom only had 3 days. she wasn't gonna make it past that Saturday. When they told me i felt my heart sink. i stayed next to my mother all night. my aunt flew from Puerto Rico to be with us. my mom had got up and my sister had told everyone to give her a hug. everyone went and hugged her although she was weak. when it was my turn i was last and i hugged her but she was to weak to hug me back. i never got my "last" hug. The next day i got a call from the school that i missed to many days so me & my dad went to the school and i talked to my teachers and they gave me work. my sister then called us and then told us to hurry up because moms heartbeat was slowing down. we raced over there and when we parked my dad had said that for me not to be surprised if she's gone when i get up there & i told him to be quiet and i ran. when i got to the room there was a group of family holding hands and crying around her and i thought she had passed and i threw myself on the floor crying and three of my aunts picked me up and told me she was still alive. my Older sister told me to go over to where she was. she was agonizing and i couldn't bear. they told me she wasn't gonna leave until i let her go. i didn't want to but i couldn't see her suffer anymore. as soon as i said god take her she left. She left me. and i couldn't believe it. she passed January 30th 2009. and till this day i can't forget. i cant let it go. i was only 17 years old when she left me and now at the age of 19 i still cant forget it. my heart ached everyday, every second i think of her. I know one day i will be able to bear it.

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Nov 28, 2011
I know the feeling
by: Chelsea

I completely understand... well... I know what loss like that feels like and I know what it feels like when you had way less time than you thought. I lost a friend who was more a brother to me... he got really really sick all of a sudden just like your mom did... he never came out of the hospital and like you I never got to hug him one last time...

I know that they wait for us in heaven and that their pain has ended... we must hold on to those truths and move on with our lives now as they would have us do...

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