Missing my best friend...

by Robin
(Anderson, CA)

My husband Todd of 20 years passed away unexpectedly on Nov 15 2011. Its been almost 5 months...I miss him so much.. to make my grieving worse, my daughter, her fiancee and 4 month grand daughter moved out last month. My 19 year old son then text messaged me the same day to say he was moving in with his girlfriend, even though he said he would be staying at home for a least a year..now I lost my whole family in just 5 short months..I am now living alone..and finding it to be more difficult than I expected. My only consolation is my faith in God. This is a life changing situation for me. Iv'e decided to move in a few months..a move forward with my life...why do most people feel that I should be ok at this time? Iv'e had some say "I should just get over it." What an insensitive thing to say..the death of your spouse, best friend, and love of your life is not something to get over...I didn't expect to be a widow at the age of 52, but am thankful of my many blessings!!

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Apr 18, 2012
i feel your pain
by: Anonymous

i lost my wife of 33 years she was the light of my life. she passed away april 8th 2012 of a heart attack this was and is a shock to me and family but the only was i can carry on is my faith in god . i am only 52 this was the hardest thing that ever happened to me we worked played loved together for 33 years if it wasnt for my faith i would have fallen a part.no one can understand . unless you go trough it just pray thats all we can do . god bless

Apr 13, 2012
Your not alone
by: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your kind words. It's not been easy being alone. I keep myself busy and if i get too overwhelmed will go to Starbucks with my laptop just to be around other people. I can't stay long because I have a back injury I suffered on the job 2 years old that just didn't get better. My faith in God is my rock and I know he has plans for me. So I wait upon the Lord. Your not alone either if you know and have a relationship with the Lord.
My son wants to come and see me tomorrow to help around the house a little. I got the feeling things aren't as great as he thought they would be at his girlfriends parent's house...anyway, Ill know tomorrow..God Bless...

Apr 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

I totally relate to your statement of not expecting to be a widow at 52 since I am also. I lost my precious husband of 16 years on 6/21/11. It has been nearly 10 months and I think I miss him more now than ever. I have started crying all the time again. My brother has been staying with me but will probably move out soon. That is going to be so hard, I don't know how you are dealing with it. We had no children so I feel totally alone in the world. My sisters and their families are so far away and have their on lives.

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