Missing my DAD

by Felica

I lost my dad 9 months go December 7 to a heart attack and it's been very hard for me, im constantly crying and and not wanting to be bothered with anyone. He left to go to the store and never returned home. A friend of his called his house, told someone to go and check on him because they said the police had him pulled over, searching truck.

Not knowing that he was already taken to the hospital. My dad felt himself having a heart attack and immediately pulled the truck over and put it in park. It was sudden because there was a women behind him getting off of the highway, she saw that he was slumped over the steering wheel and she called the police.

With that being said I really miss my dad and its hurting, I'm always thinking about him, he was my world, my dad, and he's truly being missed by his family. His death was unexpected, I didn't know he had heart disease and I didn't know. I don't know what to do because it's like someone ripped part of my heart out, that's how it feels.

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Dec 04, 2014
missing my dad
by: Anonymous

Iam right now feeling very sad .. I lost my father in april 2014.. hardly 7 months. He was our strength. Wanna see him and talk to him... missing him a lot

Nov 07, 2014
my heart is aching to hug him....
by: Ashish

Missing my lovely dad, the strongest dad in the whole world....he suffered a stroke and went into coma and never got out of it....i miss him every minute ever since............its been 8 months since he has gone , i know i cant hug him but my body is aching for his hug and his love...if there is another world beyond our and if he is there..i want to be there too.....


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Jun 29, 2014
Love you, miss you dad............
by: Anonymous

I just lost my dad recently. He was 77 years old.He was my fishing buddy, my friend ,my TV buddy,And he loved my cooking.lol He had a stroke then a heart attack then he went into rehab we all thought he was recovering well. But a couple of days later he fell asleep and didn't wake up his heart gave out. I miss him everyday some days more then others. I love you dad with all my heart. Rest in peace.

Oct 24, 2013
Same here
by: Anonymous

I lost my dad in May 2012, and still miss him every single day.

Nov 28, 2012
I feel the same
by: Karen

My dad passed suddenly on 28th October at 53 years old, he fell down some stairs outside his house and banged his head. He was my everything, a great dad, my best friend, I worked with him every day, a great grandad to my 3 boys, he never missed their football matches not 1. I can't see my life ever being the same again! I cry every day when alone. My mum and dad were together since the age of 14 and spent every minute of everyday together, I don't know how my mum is being so strong as she must be so lost. As I read your words it shows that so many people are going through the same as me :(

Jul 30, 2012
missing my dad too
by: yudis

i lost my dad 2 years ago,to a complication of colon cancer and a bad heart condition, he was to me the true hero figure, he was a quiet man, but he had with him a strong sense of moral and integrity, my friends even sometimes affectionately gave him the nickname "Mifune", after the Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune who played roles of a quiet but noble samurai ( my dad even had that same thin moustache as Mr. Mifune ).
he passed away on July 15th 2010 10.45 pm, i spent the last 45 minutes of his life, next to his hospital bed, trying to resuscitate him as his heart rate was gradualy slipping away. Then i whispered in his ears "Pa, if you really wanna go home to the Lord's Almighty Heaven, then i'll let you go, just look in on me and Ma and my sisters often ok Pa?" then the doctors called out Time of Death : 10.45pm, that night a part of me died with him, he went away and so did the colors of morning. Now, 2 years later, i'm a bit older, married with no kids, but i'm scarred, there's this gaping hole inside of me, and there's nothing i can do to fill it. I often browse my old photo files just to look for the photos that i remember taking back in the days when Dad was still around, the photos don't even have him in it, but i remember the day when i took them Dad was still around. I guess it's that part of myself that's having a hard time letting go. The part of me that desperately searches for some semblance of Dad's lingering presence.I guess the pain of losing such a loved one never really heals, but i guess we can learn to accept it, or maybe embrace it, who knows? maybe someday, it'll be your friend.

Jun 28, 2012
I lost my dad
by: K Ramirez

I read your notes and I feel like they are mine. I know now how much it hurts and I'm sorry true Angels have to go. My father died on 4-30 and it was the worst day for all of us. I feel your pain and remember we are not alone. I hope our fathers are friends and help us heal this pain.

Jun 28, 2012
I lost my dad
by: K Ramirez

I read your notes and I feel like they are mine. I know now how much it hurts and I'm sorry true Angels have to go. My father died on 4-30 and it was the worst day for all of us. I feel your pain and remember we are not alone. I hope our fathers are friends and help us heal this pain.

Jun 17, 2012
by: Shelley

My daddy went way on January 25th as well and it was suddenly :(

Oct 16, 2010
Missing my Dad
by: Pamela

I truly understand how you feel my dad went home to Jesus on January 25. I want my daddy here with me and I am missing my daddy. I will pray for your strength and you pray for mines.

Sep 19, 2010
I'm truly sorry...
by: Anonymous

Wow. I almost felt I was reading a note of mine. My dad's date was Dec 6... I can't believe it's been that long already... I know how you feel, which doesn't help, but I do. I know how bad it hurts to just cry and cry. As much as people want to help, it just, they can't, ya know? I'll keep you in my prayers ma'am. Just know you truly aren't alone and there will always be this place when you may feel there is nothing or no one else. God bless, stay strong.

Sep 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Bless your heart. I know how you hurt. I lost my Dad 20 years ago, and I still think of him every day. He was a kind, gentle, slow to anger, person. And he taught us to be the same way
May God comfort you.

Sep 10, 2010
Lost Dad
by: Elise

Your story is so familiar to me. I lost my Dad a little over 5 months ago. He also had a heart attack and it was a complete and utter devastating shock to lose him so suddenly. It's so hard to lose your Dad. I adored him and I miss him so terribly. I still don't think it's sunk in. I am finding it so hard to accept what has happened. But Dad would not want me to feel this way. I need to live my life for him. He is still alive, through me, as your Dad is through you. We hurt so much because we loved them so much, but through their love and nurture, they have given us the strength to somehow carry on and get through this terrible time! My thoughts are with you, and I wish you well. I know how it feels. Bless you XXX

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