Missing My Daddy

by Mia

I am a nineteen year old girl that lost her father when I was 18. It has almost been a month, and each day gets harder. I really miss him a lot. I keep hoping that he would come back and that it was all just a bad dream, but the nightmare just seems to get worse. On top of that I don't have support from friends or family on this subject and it is really difficult going into college without my dad. My daddy knew me better than anyone else in the world, I think he even knew me better than I knew myself. My dad was always pretty sick as I was growing up, but always ALWAYS ended up bouncing back from it. However July 8th 2011, he did not and I did not expect it. I hurt everyday that goes by, and I just want to see him again. He was the one that taught me the most and I will always miss him, I regret not taking time to spend with him more and telling him just how much he meant to me. The day he took his last breath in my arms, my world shattered. I miss you daddy and you will always be in my heart. I just wish you could be in my arms again. :( Love always, your little princess.

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Jun 19, 2012
Thank you for the support
by: Mia

Thank you both for being very kind to me. This fathers day was hard, but I felt him with me. I thank you for the words it did remind me that people are willing to talk to me and comfort me. I wish you both luck with your loses. No loss is easy. Goodbye dear friends, and best wishes.

Jun 18, 2012
Dear Mia
by: Anonymous

Hi Mia, reading your story reminded me of myself in so many ways, my dad was also my best friend and knew me more than I even knew myself. I'm the same age as you and lost my dad over 3 years ago. We miss him more with every single day. I hope you and your family are doing ok and I send my love, just know that there are people out there who understand and that can relate to your life so your not alone.


Jun 17, 2012
Missing my Daddy
by: Doreen England U.K.

Hi Mia
I am sorry for the loss of your Dad. You are a year older you say and you still feel very sad and it is difficult for you to go on with life without your Dad. It is father's day today and it is a difficult time for all children growing up without their Dad in their life.
My Dad is 91 yrs. old and I will miss him when he dies but I won't grieve so much as other's do because my father is of an age when we expect death and can accept it better.
When a father dies leaving young children or Adults it is never easy and the grief is hard. You are probably feeling unhappy because you are on your own without the support of family and friends. It makes your grief journey that much harder. If you have no one to support you try and get some bereavement counselling and this is the support that you will need if you are to recover and move on with your life. You say you are in college so it will be very difficult for you to study. Get help soon so you will start to feel better.
My children are 43. 40. 31. And they just lost their father who was 65yrs. My children have separated from me to do their own grieving with their partners so I feel all alone. I do however have the best support in 3 sisters and brother-in-laws. I wouldn't get through it if I was on my own. It is HELL going through this grief. I was married for 44 yrs. Just when my husband could enjoy his retirement he dies. The government takes away half of his pension so I have to now struggle. Won't be able to enjoy life with little money to live on. Life has changed forever for all of us and somehow we feel we can't go on anymore and the worst thing is that WE DO HAVE TO GO ON IN LIFE whether we like it or not. I am told days will get better in time so this is all I have to hold onto for now.
Best wishes in the future and I hope that you get the support you need.

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