Missing My Daddy!!!

by Rebecca
(Lawrence county )

On Monday morning my dad had a doctors appointment so he had gone there and he made it but on his way back he didn't. So on Monday August 12,2013 he lost his life I'm 17 because his friend that was driving slipped off the road and they weren't wearing seat belts so the driver flew from the wreckage and my daddy had got hit by the car cause it had rolled he flew from the car too.How can i deal with this grieve can anybody talk to me please.

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Aug 27, 2013
I'm sorry
by: Julie

I'm dealing with this pain too, My dad died suddenly from a heart attack on August-1st-2013. I'm 23 though, and I am so sorry that you are only 17 Rebecca. I've found that there is no right way to do or experience grief, I'm just riding the waves in this sea of sadness. It feels like there is a piece of me missing, maybe it's my heart. A minute doesn't pass without me thinking about my dad, and I cry about the most random things... and that's ok. I feel heavy, and tired... and lost.
I don't have any answers, but it will be ok, someday we will get through it.

Aug 15, 2013
missing my daddy
by: Nadine

Hi Rebecca. I am so sorry for your loss. 17 is way too young to lose your father. I was 23 when i lost mine and i remember how cheated i felt, having to live the rest of my life without my dad. And he was older, having had me when he was 49. Your dad was probably much younger and you're thinking of all the years you two would have had together. All i can say is it is perfectly alright, and normal, to feel angry and resentful. I know i did. I hope you have other family and a good support system to help you with your grief. I have found it helpful in dealing with this loss and others to not try to deny my feelings but just let myself experience the anger, sadness and whatever else there is. I think you will recover faster if you do, though i know it is very hard and will be for some time. God bless you sweetie and my thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Aug 15, 2013
Missing My Daddy !!!!
by: Doreen U.K.

Rebecca I am so sorry for your loss of your daddy to a sudden death.
Such a pity that both men did not wear seat belts that could have save their lives.
You are so young to face grief of losing a father. But such is life. Grief is such a very painful feeling that one wishes they had medication for to take away this pain. It can't be explained, only to say the pain is unbearable. Life is so harsh and claiming lives faster than I have ever known. Death is all around us. We just never know when our time has come. Here in England we had the 7/7 bombings. One woman left the middle east to escape the bombings and came to England and was severely injured by the bombings here. She got caught up in this tragedy. She is totally disabled.
Who knows when we rise if this will be our last day to live. Death has just forced me to think how short life is now for all of us. All we can do is hold those close to us who are left in our life.
Rebecca all you can do is to take one day at a time. Don't look too far forward otherwise the time frame would swallow you up thinking about what you have lost. In time you will be able to accept what has happened. For me when my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer all my life flashed before me. The years past and the years to come without him. All I could think of is "What am I going to do." Because I have a strong Faith in God He is the one who sees me through each new day. Otherwise I wouldn't have the strength or motivation to get out of bed. Crying is the largest part of grief and is good to get it out of our system. It is from our grief that we will all find Healing. The early days are the worst. The whole atmosphere of your world will have changed and you will be in and out of crying. The worst point is having your father miss important times of your life. This hurts. Don't put your life on hold. In time you must start to live again and make something of your life that will bring you happiness. But for now these will be rough days ahead for you till you can find your way out of grief in time. The pain of grief will make you feel how can you go on another day with how you feel. But every day one day at a time it gets easier.

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