Missing My Daughter So Much

by Gwendeline Anita Kelly
(Netherlands Antilles)

My Daughter Saina was 28 years old and died on 29th dec 2011.

Two months and 10 days has passed since you left us,Two months and 10 days of sadness and pain, Two months and 10 days of wishing we had the chance to bring us all back together again. I'm sitting here looking at your pictures every day; Wondering and Asking God Why he took you... from our lives....It was more Painful than stabbing me in the Heart with a knife. I still needed you here, Saina! You are a part of me and I am a part of you! When you died a part of me died too. I never knew how hard it was to lose you, until the day you died in that car accident on 29th of December 2011.

Even though I Miss You, I pray someday that we will meet again. I Miss you more and more everyday and all I can do is Pray and Pray. In our hearts you shall forever remain. They say time is a healer! In time the pain becomes easier to bear! But the Pain We feel in our Hearts is still, and always will be there!

Oh God …. I Miss her so much.... Oh Lord Please Help me with this!

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Oct 04, 2014
Missing my girl
by: Maria

My daughter died over 10 years ago and I still cry everyday, sometimes I feel I just can't live without her. I miss her voice, her smell, her laugh, her thoughts& ideas. I just miss the fact she isn't in the world any more. Sometimes I'm so sad I feel I can't breathe. I have lost a daughter and a best friend. Don't know how to keep on.

Oct 04, 2014
Missing my girl
by: Maria

My daughter died over 10 years ago and I still cry everyday, sometimes I feel I just can't live without her. I miss her voice, her smell, her laugh, her thoughts& ideas. I just miss the fact she isn't in the world any more. Sometimes I'm so sad I feel I can't breathe. I have lost a daughter and a best friend. Don't know how to keep on.

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Jul 06, 2014
Lil angel
by: Anonymous

I lost my 3 year daughter over a week ago.I can't go on living without her I have 2 year old son and wife I miss my Lil baby so bad I don't know how to live without her

May 21, 2014
My angel
by: Anonymous

I miss my daughter Linda so much. I just went through her birthday may 5th she died on May 6th mother day was May 9th and my birthday was may 21st. It was a very hard month Linda died two years ago and the pain is still there like it was from the beginning. They say time heals but it doesn't it make you miss your daughter even more. I try to keep busy but I think of my daughter every single minute of every day. I love her and miss her snd I do her sisters. Linda's favorite flower was yellow and there are yellow flowers and angels all over my house snd in my garden. So when I look outside I see signs of my daughter. Linda is with my dad who I miss a lot too but I am glad that he has here. I tell him to watch over her until I can .

Nov 12, 2013


Aug 18, 2013
Shattered heart
by: Anonymous

I miss my daughter Linda every second every minute and every hour each day. She was 27 and I didn't get to say my goodbye. On may 6th my life changed. That's when my beautiful daughter passed away. Nothing is the same anymore. I am working with a therapist and she is helping a little but my life will never be normal again. I became so reclusive and most of the time I don't care. I love buying statues of angels because she was my beautiful angel with a heart of gold. No one realizes unless you lost a child what the pain is like. It never leaves it just constantly there it like a weight on your heart. I have two other daughter who missed their sister and me. I try to be there for them but a whole year passed by before I even realized they were here. I feel bad but my life is so different now. I used to be so active and there for everyone but I am not ready to face the world yet. The only thing that I am really looking forward to is seeing Linda gain.

Mar 11, 2012
So much pain, and where is GOD
by: Lost

As I was reading the post by the lady who lost her young son I felt that I could relate. I keep asking myself if all the BAD that has taken place in my life over the last ten years is a punishment to me for something that I must have done wrong. Everyone around me says that they are in heaven and I truly want to believe that but I am having such a crisis of faith that I just don't understand. I thought I was a good person not perfect but I never would harm anyone in any way. I just don't know. My doctor has me on several anxiety and depression pills but i need a pill to make me feel normal and to stop me from crying like a babbling idiot so much of the day. I never in my dreams would have thought loosing my mother would hurt this much and each day seems to get harder. I have been told that because I was her primary caregiver it is like loosing a child. So many bad things in such a few years. What do people around me expect. I was always the strong one who had to keep it together for everyone else in my family. Now | am like a valcano who just keeps erupting. I don't have the strength, energy or coping skills anymore for myself or anyone else around me. Just know you are not alone in your grieving. Words have not been invented to describe this pain.

Mar 11, 2012
comment by Lost
by: Anonymous

I have lost my young son in January 2012. I was looking forward to a better year than 2011 when his younger brother was seriously ill. Now I'm where Lost is: asking God for a sign that I can understand, that my son is in his care. I prayed for over two months for my son and read the Scriptures to try to find some wisdom but it confused me. The words of comfort are mixed with the words of punishment. I don;t understand how they fit together to describe the same God of mercy that I have always believed in. Online searches are just as confusing. So I did not find the answers to my questions of many ""why" and "what now"? I then began questioning if God exists. If he does, why doesn't he make himself known to me? Is it because I am a sinner and therefore unworthy? Am I condemned and that's why these things happen to me while God remains silent? I've lost my son and I need help to sustain me in life and faith. My son died without any warning in his sleep. Why???

Mar 11, 2012
Missing My Daughter So Much
by: MissChris

I am so sorry to read about your loss. I know how your heart is breaking. It's hard to understand why someone has to die so young. I lost both my children and my husband nearly 2 years ago. As a mother, I know how you feel. It hurts so bad. I go to a grief therapist to help me deal with their deaths. Each night I try and write on the computer. I write about happy and sometimes sad memories I have of my family. It really helps. I also listen to music that reminds me of them. This way I still feel connected to them. When the therapist told me I would feel better in time, I didn't think it was possible. I have long periods of sadness, and then they go away for awhile and then they come back. Each time it gets a bit easier and the sadness doesn't last as long. It doesn't mean that I don't miss them, it means I am starting to deal with their deaths. I pray and that helps me through the tough times. Sadly it takes time to get over a loss, and waiting for the time to pass is painful. You're in my prayers.

Mar 10, 2012
My heart breaks for you
by: Lost

As I read what you wrote I can't stop crying for you. My mother who was my best friend died eleven months ago (13 days after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer). I also can't stand the pain. I was such a faith filled person and now I have so many doubts. I just want a sign that if heaven does exist she is OK and waiting for me. I don't get any messages. This morning a mass was being said for my mother. Her sister in law and her best friend came to sit with me. The whole time they were trying to comfort me as I can't stop crying each day gets harder. I am living in such a fog where once I was so strong. Worse than that I kept thinking here they are in church healthy alert and my mother is in a hole in the ground. That makes me feel even worse. They have been nothing but supportive to me why am I thinking such terrible thoughts. I think my pain is so extreme that I am going crazy. If GOD does exist why won't he help me? Why would he not save my mother? Why did he make her suffer such an agonizing and painnful death. She was such a gentle caring woman. She was so giving and would not hurt a fly. Why was she made to suffer so much. I visit the cemetary twice and even three times a day. The rest of my family thinks I shouldn't do that. Now I don't even tell them. I was an only child and unmarried why would God take her? Taking my father nine years ago also of cancer was not enough? I just never imagined how much this was going to hurt.

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