Missing My Father Figure

by Antonia

September 18, 2011 was a day I will never forget. I lost my father who happened to be my everything: my father, my supporter, my chauffeur, my personal cheerleader, my guidance counselor, my cook, and the only one that never gave up on me despite my faults. He pushed me to be everything I could be. I never had my father in my life growing up, and my granddad took that reign without no complaint. From the moment I started school in Kindergarten, I can remember him and my grandma walking me to the bus, and you would see him everyday waiting outside until my bus arrived home safely. He was the one that drove me to my practices and pick me up. Cheered me to be the best at everything I tried. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Everyday its like I'm waiting for him to walk into the door with his smile, saying my girl everything is going to be alright. Because everything was alright when he was here. I miss him so much, and it just tears me up inside knowing I was too afraid to say goodbye to him because I thought if I don't say goodbye, he won't leave me here, he won't leave us. I held back thinking maybe, he'll stay here a little bit longer if I just wait. I waited too long and then I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. It hurts me so much. He is everything a man should be or should strive to be. A true family man that held everyone up. 3 long years I wait for him to tell me everything is going to be okay and I will always be here. I miss him wiping my tears, and standing up for me. I have no one that is on my side. I was his girl!

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Jan 22, 2014
Missing My Father Figure
by: Doreen UK

Antonia I am sorry for your loss of your father figure and the man who was your encourager and gave you the confidence in life. You have such a huge loss that you will hurt for a long time. It is such a crushing feeling. My 3 Adult children lost their father to cancer 20 months ago. It has left them all still very fractured. It leaves such a VOID in their lives. As old as I am I still need the support and input of a father. This will never change even with age. It just hurts more when one is younger. As we mature our feelings change and we seem to be more accepting that with age comes death. But too many die too young. You will get your life back one day but life will never be the same. Writing letter's to your father in a journal is very therapeutic and Healing. Don't lose Hope. You will recover from grief even though it is a very slow process of Healing.

Jan 22, 2014
missing my father figure
by: Anonymous

So sorry for loss of your father figure that passed. I lost my real dad it was 15 months yesterday and it is so hard whether it is a real dad or a father figure. I too did not get to say good bye. Mine passed from a heart attack. The morning of his death i tried calling him three times not knowing that he was gone already. My dad always called me back but still did not think anything was wrong that day. Death is hard when you are close to someone. Have you tried writing a letter I know it is not the same but it is closer, i did one but plan on writing another one. Hopefully youll get another mentor that comes into your life to help be a support to you. Tears are a healing to you i believe, remember he's looking down as your guardian angel and cheering you on.

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