Missing My Husband and Best friend of 30 yrs

by Denice Hinderhan
(Fulton County,IL)

I miss my husband and my best friend today its been 3 weeks,2 days.
It still hurts so bad my heart aches for him,I would love to snuggle with him,give him a big kiss and say I love you Honey,
I miss that so much.we must of told each other about 20 times a day that we love them,and kissed each other about 20 times or more.we was truly in love with each other,we celebrated are 29th anniversary on 12/23/11.we was so happy he was home for it and christmas,That was just a happy time for me and my baby.this is my first st. patty day without him,we always made corn beef brisket and cabbage and pot,for 30 years,and I am so sad that he is not here for it,I went out to his resting place and put green carnations and talked to my baby for a while,I find it makes it easier when I go out there and talk to my baby,I talk all the time to him at home,and kiss his pictures and hold and sleep with his pillow and I even kiss his pillow good night,I just can't imagine my life without my baby,how do I live without him.we was supposed to old gray and still be together,but the horrible disease took my baby home to Jesus,My husband had diabetes ,copd ,fibrosis of the lungs,CHF,pulmonary hypertension,Gdd,and he went sepsis shock 4 times,and made it each time,he was on oxygen 24/7. 8 to 10 liters sitting still,high flow,he was on lots of meds. and inhalers,and breathing treatments,he was a fighter and a Hero,he was in the USMC for 4 years and loved it,that's where he got his fibrosis from.we have two grown children and 6 grandchildren,To my Baby ,I LOVE YOU ALWAY'S AND FOREVER,EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY ,UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN 08/31/1953-02/23/12


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Jun 15, 2013
My Love, My Life
by: Patti

I lost my husband of 43 years just 3 weeks ago. He was my life. How do I go on? We were together always, from 1st grade. I know he was so very sick and is better off in heaven but I was left here. I'm hurting....

Sep 24, 2012
by: Sheila Hassell

Today 24th September would have been Richard and mines 24th wedding anniversary. I have been robbed. 21.12.11 my husband just died. One moment he was here next hews gone. He had 'a virus' which attack his lungs. He was a very fit health 46 year old, plenty of life left in him. I was with him tried to do CPR to save him it didn't work. Where has my soulmate gone, the one I was going to spend my old age with. The one I have know since I was 18. This is all wrong 8 months and it still really really hurts. My 2 daughters, family & friends are brilliant, but it doesn't bring Rich back :(

Aug 24, 2012
Lost my husband of 24yrs and father to our 10yr old
by: Debbie

As I sit here alone our 10 yr old asleep I miss him so bad. It has been 3 weeks today, 8/24/12. My best friend my husband the father to our 10yr old daughter. This is not what we had planned we tried for10yrs to have a child and he only had 10yrs and 3 months with her. He loved us both so much I just feel lost and lonely without him. Our daughter stays busy and tries to console me but I am trying to be strong for her. But I cry way more than her I just miss him so much.

Apr 21, 2012
Will The Pain Ever Stop
by: Patsy Dockery

I lost my husband of 42 an 1/2 years July 10,2011 .I got up to go to bathroom I reached to cover him up and he was so cold! He died in the bed laying beside of me looking at me! All i do is cry we have 3to grown childern 12 grandchiildern and 8he great grandchildern. We both are saved by the blood of Jesus! My family thinks.its time to put him behind and quit crying! Its not natural but he was 1/2 of me and i loved him so much he was the only man i ever dated and the only man i had been with was our wedding night! We both was so proud our love was deep! But i cant get over his death! But other people i know have lost spouses laughing and dating and remarrying i dont understand.i feel like i would cheat on my wonderful husband no he wasn't perfect nor i but at bedtime i thanked God for him beside of me! I cry every day but i hide to cry from my family but its the hardest thing i have ever done! Anyone have ideas of the hurt pain and tears! Is it ok to cry? My heart is so broke but seems like i am the omly one that is hurting so bad

Mar 19, 2012
by: Janet

Denice, it does get better with time. You are still so very new to this journey called grief. It has been 4 1/2 months since I lost my Jim very suddenly. I cried everyday for the first 4 months. I am finally to a place where I do not cry as often but I still cry. I had him cremated because that was his wish. I talk to him every day and say good morning to him every morning. I miss him so much sometimes and the pain is terrible. We all grieve at our own pace and in our own time. Give it time. Be gentle with yourself, nuture yourself and above all be true to yourself. I just posted a song tonight on my FaceBook page that I had not heard in years but it has been in my thoughts for the last several days called "I Have Never Been To Me" by Charlene. One breath, one step one day at a time. I am so sorry for your loss. May God hold you in the palm of His hand. God Bless you.

Mar 18, 2012
My bestfriend gone in mins
by: Nettie

I just lost my husband it is 4 weeks and 4 days now I feel the same way you do. Mine was 44years old and never sick a day in his life and drop dead in 5 min of a massive heart attack. People keep saying time heals a broken heart and you have to be strong for the kids, but they dont understand i been married to him for 19 yrs and he was my best friend and the pain I am experiencing heart. I wish that I could aleast have one more time with him.

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