Missing my Michelle

by yolanda
(san antonio texas bexar)

Sept. 11,2012 my 30 yr old daughter pass away in her sleep, why did this happen, this is not fair Michelle was healthy, happy, she couldn't wait for her birthday that was Sept.24. I don't understand... Monday Sept.10 I went to work around 11am my husband drop me off to my studio because my car was at the shop., I worked all that day and evening I needed to wait for my ride from my husband which he got off around 11pm , in the mean time my daughter called me about 4 times like she always does, I told her I'm on my way home...Michelle called again around 12;30am and said mom I recorded The Voice and she clean up, I said thank you Michelle I love you, Michelle sounded good never complain about anything, I ask her if everything is alright she said yes. I went in the house said to Michelle we're home her TV was on as always. I stayed up until 2am watching the news, then I went straight to bed. The next morning I woke up turn the TV on to watch 9/11 special..I heard the dogs barking I yelled out Michelle are you up, Michelle..I went straight upstairs enter her room the TV on Michelle laying peacefully on her bed side way, Michelle, Michelle, OMG Michelle get up, her fingers curl up and purple, I scream please Michelle please get up.., I put her down on the rug and try to give CPR, nothing ., I knew she was gone,
I called 911.. my Michelle was gone, I scream out why God.. Mommy sorry I didn't hear you, why God didn't you direct me to my daughter.. Michelle I love you I'm so sorry...My Michelle was a little delay not much she was so beautiful, like a star with long beautiful black shing hair, she loved life, Michelle would light up any room with her beautiful smile, she loved sports specially her San Antonio Spurs, and all her pets..We have never been away from each other this long... it hurts so bad..Michelle past away.. Sudden death Syndrome Epilepsy. a silent death, she left this world peacefully with no pain.. if I would've known, I could've done some much more, we take our life for granted, never thought our children would go first...Michelle was going to start working with me.. Michelle knew how to take care of herself I taught her this just in case something happens to me she would be alright, she was my angel, she loved her mommy so much always worried about me, protecting..I haven't left the house, only to see her were she laid to rest..I could hear her voice, I talk to her all the time..I know she's telling me, mommy please don't cry so much, I haven't left you I'm right beside you, I love you always..I'll be waiting for you with open arms...so please honor me mommy by going back and finishing our projects and know that I will guide and protect you for the rest of your life..I love you Michelle my tears will fall everyday until I see you again..Please Jesus hold my Michelle tight and take care of her.. Now I know she is powerful with no disability, she is 20 times smarter then any of us, and she is everywhere with me..I'm trying Michelle, I miss you so much, the pain is unbearable.

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Oct 24, 2012

Hello Yolanda yes our lives ahve changed forever now..So many memories good ones mostly but they are always overshadowed by the sadness of losing our lovely girls..Like your precious girl Cheryl was showing no sign of any problems and just had a massive heart attack..They said her heart had been weakened by her Anurism when she was 19.We just passed our 4 year time just a few days back and cannot imagine how we have coped with the loss of this very special human being.We send our love and prayers to you and your beautifull Michelle..Would you consider trying to set up a memorial in her MEMORY it has helped us in a way to know we can share such a special and precious life...xxxx Marion Ian

Oct 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear Yolanda Just like you we too lost a precious daughter she was 32 and a lovely healthy girl..She just collapsed her heart had stopped twice she was revived but after three days in a coma her life was over..Also like you we cry every time we think of her or see her picture.Cheryl has been gone for four years now and not a day will pass without us looking at hermemorial site and once more our tears return..We can only help by saying we understand every word you say and hurt along with you untill the day we may hold our precious girls once more

Type into Google CHERYL McDonald Hamilton if you wish to read our precious story

Oct 23, 2012
Missing my Michelle
by: Sheryl

I feel your pain just as you describe it. My Allyson never thought she would not be here after July 4. She had notes everywhere and plans in her planner. She had tweeted "I love my life" just days before. We saw the tweet. She was so happy. We don't understand. There is no cause. Autopsy and toxicology tests are negative for everything. No drugs, no anemia, no alcohol, no aneurysm or blood clot, no seizure, nothing with the heart (so far). We don't have tissue sample results yet. Maybe that will tell us something. Allyson was such a good girl. I miss her so much and that will never go away. I am so sorry for the loss of Michelle.

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