Missing my mom everyday

My mother and best friend passed away 9 months ago, at 65 years old, when my first baby was 4 weeks old. I talked to her on the phone everyday since I went away to university, and then medical school, and throughout my career. I miss her everyday. My husband, son and I moved in with my father who is still hurting very badly. It is comforting to live with my family in my parent's home, and I feel my mother around me. But it is not the same. I am angry and so very sad that she is not here to see my little boy grow, and will not be here for my second baby who due in 6 months. I also love all of my animals and basically every animal I see, so I do thank God for my son, my husband, and my father, all animals but I still miss my mother. Nothing seems to make me feel better. Any comforting thoughts?

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May 24, 2014
Missing my mom everyday
by: Doreen UK

Nothing will make you or any of us feel better in those initial days of loss. But what can help us is having family support. Also being a support to your father will enrich your life.
Counting your blessing as you have done will be a good foundation to still seeing all the good things in your life that you appreciate and are blessed with.
God loves this when we behold what He has done, and is still doing on our behalf.
Sadly due to SIN in this world comes DEATH which was never in God's plan. But OH! how it HURTS to lose our parents. Especially a Mom/Mum who is the very essence of our life. She carried us for 9 months and then nurtured us to become the people we are today. The very fabric of everything she is and was runs through us, and we have her with us forever. Through us and in our children we bear also. To lose her in person hurts, but to know that we will be re-united again is Hopeful, and helps us go through each day easier.
My mother died 11yrs. ago and it took 9 years before I could put her photo out and not feel that raw pain.
I lost my husband 2yrs. ago to cancer and still feeling the raw grief. But I still Hope and keep hoping I can Heal from the worst loss ever in my life. I look forward to the day I can put his photo out and not feel such overwhelming Grief.
May God comfort you each day and help ease the burden of grief for you and your dad and family.

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