missing my mom

When my dad suddenly passed away, my mom came to live with me. It was a bit of an adjustment for both of us but we did just fine. She was with me for three years before she passed away 30 days after her 90th birthday. I miss her so much. My heart hurts and I feel so lonely. I never knew it would be like this. Those three years flew by when I look back at our time together. I think I was numb for the first few months after she passed this past April. This last month I have really been sad and cry so easily. My mother was the best. She always put her family first, saved sacrificed for my father, my brother and me, and never complained. She was so proud of her only grandchild, my son, and her two beautiful great-granddaughters. I consider it a real compliment when someone tells me I am like her.

No one loves you like your mother.

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Nov 02, 2011
i second urs tina
by: lost

thats exactly right. i didnt know how to explain it. you did. no one will love me like my mom did. period. i am all mixed up. have been for too long. i made alot of mistakes. it could be worse. but yeah thats it. there was unconditional love. to realise what that really means. lost it. can never replace it. life will not let me slip by. i have to deal with it to live.living is feeling. and too much thinking. but yeah its nice to know someone gets it. it doesnt matter what our story is we all feel emotions in the same depth, just dif sercustance. so u know what i feel on the inside. what isnt shown to the outside. please forgive me. i dont know how to do the things required to write. it makes me feel stupid. i dont even know how to find the things i write. did u experience ur faith shaken. belief in urself, what u believed to be true. how do i fig out why im hanging on so i can let go. its all connected. sorry i have a few things going on along with the grieving. they r connected now. i have to sort it all out to go forward.

Oct 23, 2011
missing my mom
by: Diane

My mother lives on thru me. She helped to mold me when I was a child by her teaching, her love,and her gentle nurturing. I am who I am because of her. Throughout my life, I know I picked up some of her traits, her opinions, her habits, and many of the things she instilled in me over the years. No one loves you like your mom, so true, but the memory of her love for me will always be in my heart. To honor her memory, I will strive to be the best person I can be, the daughter she loved and was so proud of.

Oct 18, 2011
I second that emotion
by: Tina in Chicago

I have been crying every day lately, sometimes more than once a day. My Mom left me in March 2011 and I still have this gaping hole I am trying to fill. Your final line rang so true to me because yesterday I realized that I live my life for everyone else. I try to be the devoted Mom and Grandmother, the best friend, the supportive sister and sister-in-law, the helpful Aunt, the nice neighbor, the hardworking employee. Out of everyone in my life my Mom was the only one to whom I was a priority. Now, I am no one's priority. No one is in this world who is placing me first, ever. That realization makes me sad. I second that emotion "no one loves you like your Mom. I miss you all the time Moma. Thank you for loving me and helping to make me the person I am.

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