Missing My Sweet Daddy

by Tara
(United States)

I lost my sweet daddy on June 13, 2014. I still can't wrap my head around it. He was 57 and healthy, as far we all knew. He died of a massive heart attack. I was so numb the first month. When I really think about it, it's just too much to take in and I try to think of something else and pretend as if it didn't happen. He was the best daddy in the world! He always had the biggest smile on his face and was proud of all of us. He always put others first and never met a stranger. I was always daddy's girl. I just wish so bad I could talk to him and hug him and let him know how wonderful he was. He worked very hard and was looking forward to retirement so that him and mom could go on trips. It's so hard to accept...how could someone so full of life and enjoyment be gone in an instant? My heart is torn! Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 16, 2014
by: Tara

Thank you all so much for sharing your stories with me. It does help to hear from others that have been there. My heart hurts for everyone on this site because of the sorrow we are all facing. There are moments I'm doing fine and others where I'm falling to pieces, as I'm sure all of you have experienced. I'm trying my best to press forward and be there for my mom as much as possible. My dad was her rock and now she depends on us kids. I'm just taking one day and moment at a time. The missing him is the hardest part...
Thanks again for giving me some sort of comfort and support.
May God bless each of you!

Sep 15, 2014
still missing him
by: Anonymous

My dad also died of a massive heart attack. It was on December 7, 2000. He was 61 and a nurse. He was so full of life and love. I miss him every single second, minute, and hour of everyday. He was my rock. I'm still dealing with his loss, it's extremely hard, even to this day.

Sep 07, 2014
by: Jenn

my dad died aug 2 unexpectedly. i know EXACTLY how you feel

Aug 26, 2014
Missing my sweet Clint (my dad)
by: Lisa

I don't even know where to begin my heart hurts so bad. On Feb 9th 2011 my dad had parked his truck at our shop for my son to drive to work that night. We were suppose to get snow and ice. We did. He was walking from our shop to his house and fell...we thought he slipped on the ice in front of his shop. He called my mom on his cell phone and told her he fell and for her to come and help him get up since it was slippery and he didn't have nothing to hold on to. When she got out there he was on his knees. He seemed alright at first. Changed his clothes. Took meds for a headache. We tried to get him to go to the dr. He said he would be ok. Later that evening he began throwing up. Went to bed early and by 10:30 pm I got a call from my mom. She said she thought he had a stroke. I ran out there as fast as I could. I could not understand what he was saying. Ambulance was called. He had a bleed on the brain and that is what caused him to fall... not the ice. It was an inter cranial hemmorage. He died on feb 13 2011. My life has not been the same since. I have crying spells often. If I think about him I cry. If I see his picture I cry. I miss everything about him. His smile, laughter, voice, his jokes, everything. We went on camping trips and vacations together. Now I must go without my parents. I am so very sad and distraught. My mom will no longer go with me and I'm sad for her as well. Please help in anyway you can. I don't know how to move on.he loved his grand kids more than anything. My oldest son will get married in the spring but it won't be the same without my dad. He's bought a nice home but my dad will never get to see it. I just can't be truly happy anymore. I feel so lost.

Aug 20, 2014
Dear Tara,
by: Anonymous

My heart breaks for you and I share your pain. My father died suddenly in January 2013. He suffered cardiac arrest and died instantly. While I have managed to carry on and live my life, I am forever changed, and miss him each and every day. I am an only child, and was very, very close to my father. My children adored him, and there is certainly a large void in our lives. I understand the pain and the disbelief you are going through right now. I can tell you that it gets a bit easier with time. I have come to realize that my father was blessed to pass so quickly and pain free, but the shock of it all is so hard to grasp. I have found so much comfort and support on this website - sadly, everyone here knows what you are going through. I hope you can find some comfort here. I will keep you in my thoughts, and I wish you peace as you begin to heal. I'm so sorry for your loss, Barb

Aug 13, 2014
Missing My Sweet Daddy
by: Doreen UK

Tara we go through life normally accepting each day we wake and try to enjoy this day with the one's we love and given to us. WE never for one minute think we could lose them to death. Why should we because we were meant to live and enjoy the life we are given. WE can't even imagine how bad this pain of grief feels like till it is upon us. The shock and disbelief help us slowly digest our loss so we can cope with it. It takes months and even years before we can fully heal from our loss.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to a deadly cancer 2yrs. ago. He suffered greatly for 3yrs.39days before he died. I was his primary carer. I have 3 adult children who lost a father and still can't believe their loss.
Knowing that other people are going through this helps us feel less alone with our grief. I found the best way forward is by TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME. This is how I got past the 2yrs. My husband missed out on his retirement he was looking forward to his retirement travelling and making furniture as he was a carpenter. It is sad that a man/woman works hard all their lives and dies before they can enjoy the time they have earned over the years. Your mother will be especially broken losing your dad. If you find yourself struggling you can always see a counsellor for support. But life from now on is an uphill struggle for all of us. Try and build yourself up each day emotionally and you will find this is a good foundation of healing from grief. The cycle of life goes on so try and enjoy your life and make the most of the time with your mom and do as many good things together to build yourselves up, treats, spa days, vacation breaks, anything that makes you happy.

Aug 13, 2014
Sorry for your loss
by: Alyssa


Your story hit home with me as I lost my dad in March due to a tragic accident as well. He was coming over my house to watch my 7 month old daughter at the time when he slipped on ice getting out of the car and hit his head, he was fine when we took him to the hospital and they sent him home. The following day he had a massive brain bleed from the head injury and passed a few days later. It's SO unbelievably hard to deal with death as is, let alone when it's so sudden and unexpected. My dad, like yours was healthy although he was 70 (I'm only 30) he acted like he was so much younger. He was also
My best friend -I am an only child and had a very close bond with my parents.
As far as advice goes, I'm not sure what to tell you because it's still just as hard today as it was in March, I question all the things I could have done differently etc. I would say just take as much time as you need to heal, you'll never get back to your old self but you ( so I've been told) will find a new normal. I've been speaking to a therapist once a week and that seems to be good for me - maybe you want to look in to that, sometimes friends and family don't always know what to say....keep an eye out for signs I feel like they come all the time to say hello if you are open to it.
Goodluck- feel free to reach out if you want to talk- nothing better than talking to someone who knows what your going through.

God bless

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