Missing You Baby Johnny and Peter

by Fred Tombor
(Campbell, CA USA)

My brother John died when he was 18 months old. Peter died when he was 8 months old. What bothers me the most is the lack of memories. I have only one of John, my mother and I and John are in a field of tall grass laying on a blanket. I remember my mother saying that he was always stiff in her arms, not like regular babies. Something was not right with him.
I remember Peter, I used to rock him hour after hour. I thought if I rocked him, he wouldn't die like John. Peter could put his milk bottle on his knee and his hands were kept free.
When Peter died, my father cried, it was the second time I saw my father cry.
Both my brothers died of cystic fibrosis. In those days, there was no diagnosis for this disorder so they just called it something else. They blamed the mother when they couldn't understand something. My mother was never the same.
Sometimes I have a dream. My Dad is watching me and the brother's play in a field near our house. My son is also with us. My Dad is so proud.
I wish I was not afraid to die.

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Jan 19, 2013
Missing You Baby Jonny and Peter
by: Doreen U.K.

Fred I am sorry for your loss of your brothers from your life and how this made your dad cry. You must have been confused by it all. It is sad when one does not have memories. What you can do is gather up as much information about your brothers as you can from your parents and those who knew more. You can then build up a picture in your mind and write in a journal your own story about them. You will fill this gap in your life that is missing brothers you had and didn't grow up with.
You don't have to fear death. Death is just like going to sleep only you don't wake up. It is what happens after death that is important to so many people. You will find the answers in the Bible. When we die we go back to the earth we were originally created from. Dust and Ashes.
The Spirit which is our BREATH, PERSONALITY. AND CHARACTER. All go back to God who gave it and when Jesus comes back to earth. He will resurrect the dead bodies of those who died in Christ and raise them up again with their Spirit God took back and they will live and reign with God forever. No more Sin. No more pain, sorrow, grief, and NO MORE DEATH. Death is an enemy and never in God's plan for us. This came as a result of sin. But the Hope is ETERNAL LIFE. Do not fear death. God is in control. The Lord Gave and He takes away. It is Satan who is the destroyer.

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