My cat mitsy 15 months old chased after my older cat outside last Thursday in the morning I had something on that day my mind was else where when I got back I was surprised mitsy wasn't at my feet as she always welcomed me back than I realised shed followed one of the older cats outside I looked for her but no sign my 15 year old found her on the grass edge by side of road if only I'd looked there I didn't think she'd go round that area I picked her up and was shocked she was stiff she looked so peaceful like she was asleep her eyes open but her mouth shut not a mark on her I miss her so much she was so full of life and always getting into mischief she used to leave her favourite toy under my bedding for me I keep wondering what happened and I hope it was quick and painless I can't bear to think she was there suffering waiting for me to help her if only I'd gone that way looking for her what was she doing there

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Jan 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

It's been 19 weeks almost since we lost you and I still terribly miss you we've lost cathy now a week ago your close to each other in the garden I'd like to think your both together keeping each other company where ever you are I wish you were both still here I miss you both so much Xxxxxx

Sep 26, 2014
by: Nadine

I am really sorry for your loss of Mitsy. I know the pain and remorse you must be feeling. One of our cats, Sammy, ran outside after the front door blew open and i was unaware of it. It was cold and windy and he must have gotten spooked and ran off because we couldn't find him anywhere. The next morning we found him dead on our neighbor's lawn. He had been bitten in the rear, probably by the neighbor's dog. And recently another cat, Hannah, snuck out the door and disappeared. We never found her. Things can happen so quickly when they get outside. I hope you don't blame yourself though i know that is so easy to do. My sincere condolences to you and your daughter. Nadine

Sep 25, 2014
by: Doreen UK

I am so sorry for your loss of Mitsy. She brought you so much comfort and a part of your life that has now broken from the loss of her.
You need to take one day at a time to help you grieve your loss. Mitsy probably went to a peaceful place and died. You will never know if she suffered or not, and this is what grieves all of us. "How did our loved one's die? Did they suffer terrible pain before they died?
What is important is that Mitsy is not suffering anymore. She is at Peace. You need to find your own peace and healing.

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