Molly came into my life and left so quickly

by Caroline

My friend Catherine and I rescued Molly from a pet shop she had been in for 9 months. She was suffering from a hernia and laboured breathing and nobody wanted a sick cat. She came home with me for a week and I scheduled an appointment for her hernia and breathing to be looked at.

Despite these ailments, she was the sweetest, most gentle little cat and just sat good as gold in her room and purred and rubbed my hand when I visited her in the room. My cats did not really give her time of day because it was still early days.

She escaped over our cat electric fence before I could take her to the vet. I was happy she was getting a bit of freedom after a year in a cage even though she was sick, and I put food and water out for her every day. She eventually wandered into Catherine's road about 6 weeks later, very thin and very quiet...

I took her to the vet and he said her liver was failing. I hoped they could nurse her back to health with fluids. She was there for 2 days and I went to visit and realised she was very very sick. The vet said he took x rays and she had spots on her lungs and a strange growth near her kidneys.

I realised I had to let her go. I asked the vet to euthanase her while I was there and I sat with her and told her she was going to Jesus and I watched her soul leave her body. I said goodbye to my sweet little Molly who came to mean so much to me in a couple of months.

I still feel her energy in the room I kept her in for that short while. I know she knows I did what I could for her and I gave her some freedom and love for a short while.

I love you Mols, my sweet little ginger. Mommy hopes you have lots of fun with your little cat friends in heaven.

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