by nasha
(costa rica)

My Molly died on St Patricks day 2011. I am heart broken. She was my baby girl. The sun rose and set on her. We moved to Costa Rica 6 months ago and are living in paradise, we brought her with us as well as our other baby Goober. Goober is a ruff n tumble King Charles, my Molly was our Pomeranian princess. There are tons of homeless dogs here and we had adopted 3 more in the 6 months we've been here. The newest was a puppy we named abby. abby had been sick for a couple of days and we took her to our vet, she had bloodwork that came back normal and it was concluded that she just needed a deworming treatment, because God knows there are tons of different parasites here. So abby had the deworming meds and was completely better in less than 48 hours. Then Molly started showing the exact same symptoms, so I called the vet and he immediately got a dose ready for her, as well as, the other dogs, just in case. In less than 24 hours my baby died. We aren't sure what happened, we had plans for St Pats day, and had not thought twice about leaving her because she had the meds and we were confident they would work just like they did for abby. We came home that night to find her dead under our bed. She was only 6 1/2 years old. I'm riddled with guilt and sorrow, I should have never left her side. I'd do anything to have her back. I no longer want to be here, I just want to see my Molly again. There's an empty hole left here and it's just not home without her. I don't feel her presence, and she hasn't come to me in my dreams. The waves of sorrow just keep coming, everywhere I look reminds me of her.

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Mar 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Oh, I am sincerely sorry for your loss of Molly. Oh, what a horrible tragedy. I had a great deal of losses this past being my sweet Chowmation, who looked like a giant Pomeranian. She was my sweetheart for 12 and a half years. The point is that I also felt horribly guilty...and I also did not feel her presence. In the Christian Orthodox religion,{ like Russian and/or Greek Orthodox }, they believe that the soul of the departed lingers for 40 days...just like Jesus Christ, before they "ascend". In fact there is a special ceremony on the 40 th day, called the departed's "ASCENSION DAY MASS". I didn't feel sweet Abbey's presence nor a dream of her...and then the 40 th day arrived. I hadn't put her beds, dishes or toys away during that time. I was especially sad on that 40 th day and I had to travel 100 miles for a business meeting. She would've come along comfortably in the car as we had done so many times before. By the time the afternoon rolled around and my meeting was over, I took myself to a strip mall to shop for a top for yet another Memorial Service I needed to attend. When I parked the car and got out, I heard a dog barking and barking and barking. It sounded just exactly like my Abbey did. I stood there for a long long time, listening and looking; trying to discern exactly where this dog was that was still barking. I was thinking, I wonder if this barking dog looks like my Abbey did, because it certainly sounded like my Abbey...and no other. The parking lot had very few cars...maybe five...all void of dogs as far as I could see. My Abbey was 75 pounds. Not something easily missed in sound or sight. I even gazed across the highway and listened intently. I never was able to find any sign of any dog anywhere. The barking continued for a good solid half hour...and I started to think that it was Abbey barking for there was no one around. No one to confirm any of this. And NO one that can sound the same as my Abbey. Anyway, she passed September 12 th, 2010, and it was only this week when I FINALLY had a dream of her...and it was the morning of St. Patrick's Day. She was running up the stairs as she had when she was young and well. She was like a shadow, but I knew it was her. She was happy and proud that she could make it up the steps. I was March 18 th was my birthday and March 19 th would have been her 13 th birthday. My eyes still tear up and my heart is pained to know that we are separated and I have to carry on for as long as God wills me to. No matter what, I know full well there is a GOD and He knows what the plan is and why. Our job is to be brave and keep the faith. You will have a visitation...and though, when we love, it's never enough...we are the lucky ones. We have experienced great love...and love never dies. Be well and know you are not alone in your deep sadness. Keep praying, keep hoping, keep loving.

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