MOM and DAD murdered

by Faisal Amin
(tanza, Cavite, Philippines)

I was sick that sunday afternoon, and my mom wanted to buy me my favorite burger at red ribbon. She told me she will be back and kissed me goodbye while i simply said "ok bye mom", not knowing it would be my last goodbye to her. She left at 5pm, at around 530pm i heard several gun shots, and screaming. My cousins called me with panic and when i opened the car door, i saw my mom with several gun shot wounds in the neck. I drove to the hospital but it was too late.

The following month by Dad died. How? He was poisoned by our maid, the maid took all the valuables and left. I am 21 years old and just graduated 2 weeks after both my parents are gone.

Its only me and my little brother left and these people who killed my mom are now after us bombarding our phones with death threats with known vehicles circling our house day by day. Talked to the authorities, i sent my brother to study abroad while i stay here to fight for justice for what they have done to my mom. I am not giving up no matter what, i cant stop crying everyday for i am very close to my parents.

Several of my relatives are also placed in danger because of them trying to help me out, some have even abandoned me already. I hope I can make it on my own not knowing what tomorrow holds for me.

Signing Off - Faisal Amin

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Oct 26, 2011
Lost my brother
by: acea

Hi Faisal,
7 days ago my brother just died, my mom and dad and my brother lives in Tanza, Cavite. My brother was also shot by 2 men in motorcycle wearing mask. Unfortunately, we don't know why and who these people are...right now, I am in Canada and wasn't able to go home for his funeral and burial...this even made the pain I am feeling right now worst...Was your mom shot in Tanza, Cavite too? i bought this house for my parents 10 years ago and now I am blaming myself why did I ever chose that place...I am so angry, so sad and in so much pain...
Reading your story has inspired me to move on...I know its not easy and I just don't know how...I hope God will give us strength to continue living and help to heal all wounds...I am sorry but for now, I have no comforting words to are you coping? by the way when did this happen?


Oct 24, 2011
Thank you geoffrey
by: Faisal

Thank you geoffrey, I will be sure to keep God close to my heart , all i really have now are prayers of hope. I never learned to hate, for we were never brought up that way by my mom and dad. What i feel is like im overwhelmed with disappointment and grief i dont know what to feel anymore. One day youll find me smiling the next day crying before bed. So many of my loved ones had already died around me following my parents death, but despite all that I can always feel God's presence around me. Thank you very much geoffrey, it lightens the burden i carry day by day knowing someone cares. I miss the affection my Mom and Dad always had for me. In memory of them I have built a mausoleum in memory of them. I am starting to miss my brother, for i dont know what to do anymore, should i look for a job? should i start up a business? should i focus all my life finding these killers? its almost impossible to do at least 2 of these things at the same time, everything happened so fast. Anyway once again thank you geoffrey for lending a helping hand yo've lifted some of the burden in my life.

Oct 23, 2011
Dear Faisal
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Yours is the saddest letter I have ever read, my heart grieves for you. God loves you dear Faisal, He loves your Mother and Father even more than you, though you love them with all your heart. God can do wondrous things in your life, though it appears as though the heavens fall, trust in God, let His love fill you, and forgive those who seek to do you harm, even as they have done to your precious Mother and Father. As it is written by the prophet, "But I say unto you, love your enemies, do good to them that hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you." Never allow anger and hate to spoil your heart,remember it is written, "God is love" therefore trust in Allah, for if you trust Him, and seek truth, purity and love, He will over rule all, and one day, though not in this present life, you will see your precious Mom and Dad. Tell God your griefs, for it is written in Isaiah, "In all our sufferings, He suffers." God loves you, and we will pray for you dear Faisal.
If I can encourage you in any way, my email is But this site has helped me greatly in my loss and grief. A friend in Pennsylvania, USA

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