Mom died on Valentine's Day. How befitting! She was the epitome of love.

by Andrea Kustin-Mager
(Laguna Beach, California USA)

Wasn't She A Beauty!!

Wasn't She A Beauty!!

My Mother and Best Friend died on Valentine's Day, 2009. She was a very youthful 80 year old. She died of lung to brain cancer.

Although I am filled with gratitude that Mom was my best friend, I am aching inside and out because I miss her so much.

A dear friend of mine from Spain told me that it is "la ley de la naturaleza" (the law of nature) that a parent is suppose to die before their children. Intellectually, that all makes sense, but the sadness is overwhelming at times.
I am in therapy with a wonderful therapist. It is helping me. I just have to realize that grief takes a long time.

When I wrote the Memory Card for her, the words poured freely from my heart. It was easy to write. One of the things I wrote was that "you could taste the love in her cooking".

I will forever miss you, Dolores Esther (White) Kustin.
January 1, 1929 - February 14, 2009.
Andrea Sue

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Aug 02, 2013
My Mother was also LOVE
by: Anonymous

Bless you. My beloved mother also passed on Valentine's of this year, and I know it was not coincidence. She will always be the epitome of love to me. We are soul mates. I know it was also God's greatest gift to take mom home when he did, not only to show her His love, but to show us that He is LOVE. It still doesn't take away the pain of her physical absence; my grief has only doubled...

Feb 14, 2013
Missing Mom After 4 Years..
by: Andrea... Mom's Daughter

Thank you Steve for your lovely comments. I hope our Moms are enjoying each other's company in heaven.

Feb 14, 2013
My mom too....
by: Anonymous

My wonderful mom passed away on February 14, 2008. I can't celebrate this day, it just doesn't seem right. I tell my husband and kids I love them everyday and that I don't have to wait for "this day" to tell them. They feel the same way as we all had a very close relationship with my mom. She loved everyone and everyone loved her.
My mom was my best friend and buddy. They say that time heals, but I don't believe that - it hurts more and more each day. How can you mend a broken heart? You can't. The pain doubled for me, as 8 months later, my father passed away - my king and adoring "great" man was gone as well. Life sure hits you when you're down, and to get up again was a struggle and will always be. I miss both of them so much.

Jan 02, 2013
Lovely tribute
by: Steve F

Oh Andrea, What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I know she is proud of you, because I certainly am, and am so grateful for your friendship.

Thank you for the words of comfort, and for showing me this web site.


Jan 18, 2010
Thank you Tami J.
by: Andrea Kustin-Mager

Dear Tami J,
I too am sad to hear about your having lost both parents in such a short period of time. I hope that you are coping better each day.
Thank your for your beautiful post.
Andrea Kustin-Mager

Oct 14, 2009
So Sorry..
by: Tami J.

Your story about your Mom really caught my eye. My Mother died also in Feb. of this year and she was 82. Like your Mom, a very young 82. I read how you sought help going through your grief and wondering if maybe that is what I need as well.

I honestly believe that when people hear the age, they think, oh she lived a life, but it does not matter how old they are. They are still your parents.. I am 41 and over the last 2 years have lost both my parents. It sucks and I almost feel my life is spinning out of control.

I am thinking the words that you wrote about getting help, will help me make the decision to do the same thing. I almost think I am going crazy sometimes. I am so sorry for your loss but it comforts me to know that I am not alone and it is o.k. to talk to someone about this.. I just want to be happy again..

Oh, by the way, your Mother looked like she was a beautiful woman, inside and out.

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