Mom, I Am Listening...

by Joyce

The Petals of Rose

The Petals of Rose

Mom was raised on a farm, and she worked hard all of her life. She has been a short order cook, waitress, nurse aide, nurse and even drove the Bekins truck with Jim; but her number one job was always being a mom.

The love between a mother and her daughters can not be explained - only experienced, and Linda and I have known and felt the love she had for us every day of our lives.

She always supported us in all that we did, from girl scouts, school plays, to dance and chorus. Oh, we got scolded, punished and even spanked when we deserved it, but the love was always there. She successfully raised two teenage girls in the height of the 60's.

She watched us as we curled our hair with pop cans and then turned around and ironed it straight with the iron and dyed and bleach it. She watched the hemlines of our skirts raise and lower with the fads. She smiled and laughed when the school counselor brought me home to change my too-short skirt on a couple of occasions.

She never held us down or told us that we were not capable of doing something, but always encouraged us to learn more and to do the best we could. She also made things fun for us. I remember trips to TJ, just the three of us, I don't know why we went but I just remember going there with Mom and Linda and it being a good memory. I have lots of good memories.

She was there at our weddings and when she could, at the births of our babies. Mom pretty much raised Linda and I on her own and through her love and support she taught us many many things. Through tears, laughter, hurt, heartache and happiness, she watched her daughters grow into wives, mothers and strong independent women, and did so with such pride. A job well done Mom, and you can now rest.

Mom's legacy of being a wonderful and loving mom, grandmother and great-grandmother will live on in all of us as her rose blossom continues to grow with each new child born. We are all proud, so very proud of being the Petals of Rose.

On Monday, after my mom passed away, I wrote these words to her and want to share them with you, so please indulge me as I share the love I feel for her.



You taught us to respect ourselves and others and to be accountable for our actions... like when the vacuum cleaner somehow went through the window...
I listened.

You taught us right from wrong and to always take heed of the voice inside us and for the most part...
I listened.

You taught us not to judge others, and not to call attention to one's handicap...
I listened.

You taught us that all of us are equal and that no one is better or less than another...
I listened.

You taught us to love and be proud of ourselves. It took me a while, but...
I listened.

When you drove over 5 hours so your dog could breed with mine, and when they were not interested, you told me to get busy and have my baby now so it wouldn't be a wasted trip...
I listened and delivered Kim 2 weeks early!

You were always there for me when I needed to talk or just a hug. You were the one who taught me to turn my worries and problems over to God...
and I listened.

You taught me so many things and I have a lifetime of memories that I learned...
just from listening.

After Thanksgiving dinner, as I was getting ready to leave, you placed your frail hands around my face and with all the love you have, you told me to stop worrying about you. I told you that I would never stop worrying, that I love you, but that if you need to go, it's okay and that I will be okay...
You listened.

At Christmas, I watched you as you labored with every breath that you took. Your body not wanting to move, I realized that you were ready to go, and I asked Jesus to bring you home while you were sleeping in your own bed...
He listened.

Mom, I love you and will miss you, but I know that you are in heaven with Grandma and Grandpa and free from your pain, with the loving arms of Jesus wrapped tightly around you. But if you ever want to talk...
I will be listening.

All my Love,

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Dec 11, 2010
i miss my mom so dearly
by: melissa

I have been doing a lot of avoiding and running from the pain, she has been gone 2 months she passed oct 10 2010 and i can barely function without her i took care of her and tried to keep her safe and secure from the horrors of cancer but i couldnt save her but i was her constant cheerleader and she knew everytime she saw me i would be smiling and telling her mom chin up. i did that for 3 yrs and then tumors went to her brain 23 of them and she could no longer fight she tries so hard each day to go on for us but her body and mind gave way and she finally took her last breath with my little brother holding her hand, words cant describe my pain and misery i long for her every minute, day and nite. oh mama i love u so much and now its xmas and that hurts to the core.

Nov 11, 2010
Thank you
by: Julie

Thank you so much for sharing your poem and your mom. She sounds like a wonderful woman and you were blessed to have her; and she, you. I just lost my mom September 9, 2010 (age 89)and I feel pain but it's sort of boxed up inside and I can't seem to get a clear grip on it for a while now, to really feel it and express it. (She lived across the country from me, has not been buried yet & no service/part of my difficulty.)

Also, I wrote her a poem for Mother's Day 2002 that is similar to yours and she loved it. I have asked my brother, but so far he hasn't been able to find it. It would be such a comfort to me if he could; I think it would help me grieve.

So anyway...the words "Mom, I am listening.." caught my attention and I read your story about your mom and then the poem and I was struck deeply......and cried for the first time in quite awhile. Thank you, because your mom, the relationship you had with each other and your poem were all beautiful, and because you helped me to bring up tears I need to shed and emotions that I desperately need to feel.

God Bless,

Feb 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful poem. I just read it and of course it made me cry. I lost my Mom January 12, 2010 and sometimes the grief is about more
than I can bear, I miss her so much.

Your poem says so many wonderful things. I just
cannot do it right now, my grief stands in the way, but I would love to write something like that to my Mom one day. Like you, I had
a wonderful Mom.

Dec 21, 2009
Comment on your poem
by: Darlene

I love that poem you wrote.
It touched my heart deeply.
I lost my mom very suddenly on my
birthday this past year, January 2, 2009,
At the age of 55. She had health problems but
none that we didn't think was being taken care of
by meds.

My mom had a weird sense of humor.
I think that is why she picked my birthday to give up... she always said you're my little baby and I'm going to haunt you.. and I can do that cause I'm your mother... (lol)

My mom was a mechanic for 30 yrs....just like my grandfather.

I thank you for sharing your poem; I am sure it touched more hearts then you ever imagined.

May 03, 2008
A blessing to listen
by: Anonymous

Your poem was beautiful. Your Mother would be so proud and tell you how blessed she was to have you in her life. I recently lost my 41 year old son to a tragic accident. But many times he would tell me how much he appreciated what I had taught him. I watched him apply these principals to his life and those of his wife and children. That was worth more than gold. I am sure just as I treasure the years with my son, you treasure yours with your Mother. You will be blessed for honoring her so lovingly.

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