MOM I miss you so much

by Janice
(Peterburg Va)

My mother raise 7 children our father pass away when I was 10 and now I am 56 my mom just pass away on Sept,29,2012 I miss her so much she was the back bone of the family.We would gather together for her on Thankgiving,Mother's Day and Christmas Day.I do not know what it will be like on holidays now. I do have my Husband and four children but nothing can take the place of MOM.This Thankgiving I stay at home it was very hard getting through the day.I miss her so much.I know she is resting with God and my days will get better.

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Dec 06, 2012
i lost my mom oct 12th
by: patricia from california

I have experienced the death of dad when 11. it was devistating sudden death is such a painful experience. my husband died after 20 years of marriage, devistating it was not ok i went out and did stupid things. the loss of my son to suicide when he was 27. terrible shocking and very painful. all my bad choices slap me in the face. if only if only but I remind myself i did ask him to forgive me before he chose to do that. i miss him...well now it is my mom. wow! my mom is not here any more to go visit to give her a hug and to do things when i go visit her. plus she lived in the house we had for 60 years...i have no one to go visit in california and it will be hard to get there now....the majority of my child was there the 50's & 60's and part of the 70's was in southern california. the one beautiful thing about my Mom's passing is i got to go there every month or every couple months through out the year and help with her care and encouragement...and the last month or more i was there every two weeks until it got real close. i was there most of the time for almost two weeks. i had to fly home one day because the computers at the business we were managing were not working for anyone. the nurse said to me you can't go now it is time... I heard her but did not realize it was almost now.....i went home got there at 9:30pm got to work on the computer and slept for two hours and flew back at 7am in the morning on the 10th, My brothers birthday was the 11th we had prayed she would not die on his birthday. i still didn't realize it was that soon, like now, but on the morning of the 12th i was so compelled to sing to my mom and pray for her. I felt a tug on my right leg to stop and pray. i started praying and singing to went on for over an hour...i felt so full of the Spirit of God and His love for my mom...the nurse came over and lifted the blanket and saw that my mom's legs had changed color...I started to get up but felt to stay was important...I kept singing to her...she turned her head towards me and a few minutes she took her last breath. Wow mom did you really do I miss you thank you for letting me help you got to be with Jesus....I love you...

Nov 27, 2012
A year later
by: Federico

Dear Janice, I lost my MUm on Sept, 29, but in 2011. Long time, but I need more time to keep afloat. Things that remind me everyday, tears yet. Is a long path to go. When MUm died, I asked to priests where is she? I found no answer, and still I'm expecting for. Is time to go forward. When happened, I answered to my brother-in-law told me, after your Mum passed away, wake up, and follow forward. Nothing was easy. Is soon, but yourself, you could survive, like me. Is the worst we may live. Time is the health to recover from grief. I hope Janice will walk again, like me, and others like us. My best wishes and recover quickly.

Nov 25, 2012
MOM I miss you so much
by: Doreen U.KI.

Janice I am sorry for your loss of your mom. You had to live without a Dad for 46yrs. Thank God you still had your mother to nurture you otherwise life would have been HELL.
I lost my mother 9 years ago. It was hard but I still had my husband and 3 children, so it didn't feel quite so lonely and empty.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 6 months ago and this is HELL. My 3 Children are all Adults and living their own lives. 43yrs.40yrs.32yrs. The 32yrs. Old daughter still lives at home but leads an independent life. She goes out to work. I do spend so much time on my own. Life will never be the same again. It is empty and sad on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. Now Christmas on my own will be so empty and Lonely. There is nothing I can do but to go on each day and wait for death to come. So many people reach the height of their lives and enjoying this and they are suddenly cut down in the prime of their life.
Some people can move on better with their lives than others. And many people can't move on. Life is too painfull for them still. It is not easy to start life again when you get older. I lived a simple life but I liked the one I had with my husband.
Say all you have to say to your husband and children, and enjoy your life. None of us knows what life holds for us and how many more of our families we will lose. Grief is Hard and very painful.

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