Mom - my 2nd mother

by Sandy
(Vancouver, Canada)

She was physically there more for me than my own mother was. She was kind, sage and full of old school advice. She was a model of Catholic faith for me and great mother of 14 children with63 grands and 73 great grands. She treated me like her own child and can't say anything bad about her. She was my mother in law. My 2nd mother. I feel blessed that I knew her love.
I miss her. I feel lost and disorganized.I feel lonely though I know I am not alone in my pain. My husband is suffering too. I don't have many to talk to because my closest friends are my in laws and they have their grief too. I don't really want to be with them right now though I love them. I don't have many close friends that can support me. I have many well meaning aquaintances at church. The sun doesn't shines as bright and things that would normally delight me no longer do. I know its temporary these feelings and normal but its hard. I'm at a point in my life where our friends are taking care of their parents and my energy will now focus on my own parents. I now God is sustaining and is there for me too.

My mother in law would sigh once in a while and say "What is life?" and now I say the same thing "What is life?"

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Aug 03, 2012
Mom - my 2nd mother
by: Doreen U.K.

Sandy I am sorry for your loss of your mother-in-law. You are blessed to have a good mother-in-law and to have had such a loving experience. This does make the grief that much worse. You do feel the loss more.
Glad you mentioned church. Being a believer we know that we have HOPE and this will carry you through the difficult times. It is true though it is good to have supportive family and friends. This does help the grief journey be a bit easier. You still have to go through the normal grief process in order to find healing from your loss. Having God on your side will help. He is our Comforter. The Lonliness, and emptiness of not having that person around is difficult to bear. It is a process also that has to be worked through. Even the relatives are grieving and not able to be our best supporters. If you find it difficult there is always bereavement counselling. You echo what your mother-in-law said. "What is Life" Well to me Life is full of Love & Adversity. We live in a fallen world. We expect suffering. We expect to die as a result of sin. We have a directive from God to be OVERCOMERS. This is our battle. We also have THE BLESSED HOPE of ETERNAL LIFE with God. This is what will get us through our grief and overcome each day's difficuties and storms of life.

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