mommy I miss you

by cassie winston
(Tulsa Oklahoma US)

I was 13 when I lost my mother. She died in a car accident and I have repressed what happend to her. I cant remember if it was a drunk driver or if it was raining, I just cant remember and probably I dont want to. I remember that she was one of the closest people to me in the world. when she died she left only me, my dad, and my brother. Then later on a few months later my dad drank him self to death in our living room. It was my brother who found him. A 15 year old boy and a 13 year old girl left with nowhere to go, he sent me to my grandparents who I had only seen once or twice in my whole life, and he went off to New York. My life was finally turning around when my brother came and took me home and I fell in love and had a bunch of guys that was like my family But then my boyfriend died and my brother did too on that same night all for the same reason. Its a long story and I try not to think about it much. I am now only 17 and have nowhere else to go, I thought about ways to end my pain but that would just prove that im not tough enough to handle things like this. So instead I am now someone who will love no one because im afraid of being hurt again. I just want god to end my pain and take me home to see my family again

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Mar 21, 2013
Life goes on
by: Anonymous

you have suffered so much and you're so young!!!! Don't lose hope and go on because you have to show this cruel world that you're strong. I don't know how you feel but I know for sure that after rain the sun will finally shine. Someday you WILL see your beloved family again, belive me! But until that day comes, fight the rain and never give up!You may feel empty and hopeless but time will heal yor wounds. I really hope and wish you find your path and overcome this sad moment of your life because i know that GOD have had a reason to put you through all this....maybe its a test that you have to pass but HE will never forget to make it up to you! I will pray for you!GOD bless you!

Mar 19, 2013
Such a young age for so many losses
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe you have had so many losses at such a young age. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE believe me...It will get a bit easier & you will & can love again. Even though It will take time...I'm sure none of your family would want you so alone in this world. At some point you will find strength to go on. I lost my Mom not to long ago she was my best friend my life. I truly believe on my bad days it is her somehow someway giving me the strength & courage to move forward. It's a lot easier said than done and I truly believe until someone has been down that road of losing someone so important someone they loved so much they really DONT know how we feel. You will go through so many emotions over time. Anger, confusion, hurt, lonely, sad, overwhelmed but you will get through it sweetie & I'm sure at times you feel alone...Please believe me...Your Not! I hope they're all looking down on you until it is your time to reunite with them...STAY STRONG! XOXO

Mar 18, 2013
mommy I miss you
by: Doreen U.K.

Cassie you are still in a place of deep suffering and pain. You are still very young and entitled to feel the way you do. You have lost your family. You feel so alone and neglected. You will feel this way for some time. I can't pretend I know how you feel. Because I don't. I can't even imagine losing my entire family. God is your heavenly Father. But even God knows you have to dwell on the earth and need people around you. I called out to God often in my lonliest times and told God I wished He was here in Person because I need him so much. God comes to us in many different guises. He uses people. God has sent many people into my life at the right moment when I felt my life was over and didn't want to continue living anymore. I am thankful for this and know that God is looking out for me. God is looking out for you also Cassie. I don't know what God has planned for you in your life. But He won't forsake you. I know that NO ONE CAN TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR FAMILY. I often wonder about JOB in the Bible. God allowed Satan to assault him. This was a test to his faith in God. He trusted God even in his suffering. Job lost all his 10 children. He lost his Health, his home, his livestock, Everything. Because Job was faithful God restored to him everything he lost. God won't bring my husband or mother back to me. He won't bring back your family. But He has kept us here for a purpose. I have to wait on God for His purpose and carry on with God above me and before me. I hope Cassie that God will keep his Almighty hand on you. He will ease your pain and sorrow and your loss of your family. HOLD onto the HOPE you will one day see your family again. This keeps me going. Keep Strong. As you mature in life you will get stronger. But for now your pain will be all you can think of and feel right now. God be with you. Comfort you, and keep you safe from harm and danger. And Bless you greatly in life. Peace be with you.

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