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I miss him more and more everyday. I thought the pain would ease but instead it builds more and more. Everyday there is something else that I need him for or that reminds me of him or that he would have done for me. Every day the pain gets worse and worse. Friends say I should be letting go but how do you do that when I see something I need him for every day and every night. I miss him so much! And you know what-I don't want to let go-I want to hold every memory so close to my heart.

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Feb 02, 2011
Feel the same...
by: Cindy

I miss my husband more & more every day too. He passed away two months ago and I know what you mean. I need my Rusty so very much. We would have been married 35 years on February 7th. It just breaks my heart that he won't be here this year!! I have people tell me too to get over this... until they have walked in our shoes, they should not be saying anything. No one knows this grief until they experience it. It cuts like a knife! My husband was so good to me and would have done anything for me too! My prayers are with you while we have to walk on this path of darkness.

Feb 01, 2011
more everyday
by: jules

My love - take heart you don't have to let go of your memories - and yes your need for him - or is need or want - I know that I do not NEED my husband back - I WANT him - and there is a difference - think on it.

Times will get a little easier, even though it may not seem that way just yet - but keep coming on here, sharing your feelings with those who do know what you are going through, and who care -
one step - one breath
take care

Feb 01, 2011
Hold On
by: Anonymous

Reading your post made me cry. It is so hard to let go....and you don't want to let go. I understand. I lost someone I love dearly and I am still holding on. Everybody tells me that I need to move on and let go...but I really don't know how. I look at them and can't possibly understand how I feel. Maybe holding on is what we need to do before we are able to let go. So I say, hold on until you feel it is time to let go. May God help you (and me) in this process.

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