More than my best friend

by Kevin

Last night my vet told me my little buddy had cancer. In his liver, spleen, he had blood in his stomach which is why he began vomiting. He was so happy and healthy and all of a sudden within two weeks he was just taken over with this. I held him for a couple of hours and then let the vet help him pass as I held him so close. It feels like I've lost my heart and soul and I just can't stop crying... His name was Gunny Hathcock's Vision,.. "Gunner" a beautiful, perfect Fawn Great Dane... From the moment I brought him home a eight weeks old we have been inseparable. He slept as close as he could to me in bed at night, every night.. If I went to another room so did he... Bought my vehicles "trucks" specially ordered to accommodate him so he could go with me when I had to go some place or to the park... God I could go on and on but as as I mentioned we were as close as we could be to each other and I know I needed him as much as he needed me. I will be going to the funeral home shortly to pick him up and I know I will again fall to pieces... In all my life of 51 years I have never experienced pain this deep... No loss has ever hurt so much...

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Feb 24, 2015
Unbearable grief
by: Anonymous

Kevin, your story hit home as it is so very similar to mine. I found my darling Gypsy collapsed in the garden when I returned from three days away leaving my husband to care for her. I came into the house seeing only one dog - her little buddy Mikey. Gypsy was still alive and we rushed her down to emergency. We discovered that she had a tumour on her spleen and it had ruptured, her tummy full of blood. We opted to give her a transfusion and take an ultrasound to see if it had spread and then if not she would go into surgery to remove the spleen. While we were at the desk filling the paperwork the vet dashed out to say there was another problem - Gypsy's blood would not clot so a tranfusion and surgery was pointless and she was going downhill fast. We asked to see her and saw that my poor baby was struggling so much that we asked to let her go. I was with her for which I am grateful, although I don't know if she knew I was there - I want to tell myself she did. Now I am here just two days in feeling a pain like no other, my heart lurches and then I burst into tears, my head hurts and I'm wandering aimlessly around the house seeing and hearing her everywhere. I don't know what to do with this pain. I have lost before but this is a grief so deep I feel I'll not recover. Guilt is playing a big part - if only I had not gone away or could have got back a little sooner, if only I could have found out about the tumour before it burst and if I could have had just one day back home with her to hug her and be with her when she needed me most. I know that time will heal but I'm in a pretty deep pit right now. I hope by now that you have come out the other end and enjoy your wonderful memories of your best friend. I just want my girl back.

Sep 10, 2014
More than my best friend
by: Doreen UK

Kevin a dog is for life and becomes mans best friend. It would be good if we could have our pets for life as the slogan says. Pets/people all come with a limited life span. WE forge a special relationship with our pets and loved ones and never think for one minute that we could lose it all so fast. What we are left is the devastation of grief. The pain is like nothing we will ever compare it to. Life is to be lived and enjoyed and we have no choice but to give life our best shot. It is only when we lose that special pet or person that we realise how fragile life is and we start to evaluate our lives and what is important. WE take nothing out of this life but our character and the relationships we built which will never be extinguished. You will in time recover from your grief. Just remember that to stop doing the good things that enhances one's life is to live a limited life. WE can keep putting new people and pets in our life to enhance our lives and theirs whilst we continue our journey of life. It is all in the memories and no one can take this away from us. Just something to think about.

Sep 10, 2014
More than my best friend
by: Jane

Dear Kevin, I have had a wonderful cat. Her Name was "Scheisserle". My Dad called her just "Mizzie". All of the family were talking with her. My brother has found her in a sack in the Woods. The eyes were closed and maybe she was 1 or 2 days old. We grow her up. My Dad didn´t want her first. But than they have got best friends. Scheisserle was always there, than I felt bad. She came in my bed and layed down right beside me. When she was 18 years old she has got cancer and died. Don´t ask how much we all misses her. While I am writing this, tears come in my eyes. Years later on my Dad died !Cancer-. Than 15 months ago my mom died - Cancer = And now my best friend has died - cancer- I hate this cancer I can´t tell you. Sometimes an animal can be a better friend as a human beeing. Your Gunner ment everything to you. And you loved him so much and he loved you. He loved you just like you are. And now you miss him like I miss my Scheisserle. Your pain is only showing your great love to your gunner. But he will be on your side, because your love has bound you together for ever. Just cry when you feel like it. The tears are helping you and healing the pain a bit. Than you love someone, it doesn´t matter whom you love, human beeing or animal, or if old or Young, it just hurts. Just try to live one day after the other. Go slowly, and give your big grief place in your life. Sorry that I cannot take the pain from you away, but Keven, I will keep you and gunner in my prayers. I send you a big hug from Germany.

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