Morris the cat, the greatest cat of all.

by Tracy
(Belton, Texas)

I lost my dear friend yesterday morning before I could say goodbye. My cat Morris has been a much loved member of my family for the last 11 years. He stopped eating a little over a week ago. I bundled him up and took him to the vet, and asked him to make him better. I and my family could not stand to lose him. He gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way, Morris did not get better so I took him back. Now the Vet tells me he will need to be put on IV’s but it is going to be expensive and let the words trail off. I of course looked at him with tears in my eyes and told him I did not care what it cost fix my friend. Two days later Morris is still not well, they say they can do no more, So I tell them get him ready I will pick him up so that he can die with everyone who loves him around him. The vet said he died right after I got off the phone the paperwork said 9:23 am. I never got to kiss him and tell him goodbye.


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Feb 11, 2015
Beloved Morris
by: Gary Mauricio

Yes I also know I able to realise your feelings. Don’t worry come out of this and concentrate on some other work then only you able to forgot that. I know it is not easy but you can try to came out of this. Morris must loved you very much. He will be always with you, so keep loving him like as now you are doing. God is all and trust him, he will not hold from you from your beloved Morris

Nov 03, 2011
He loved you that much!
by: Kelley

My name is Kelley and I just lost my cat, Swee'Pea, 5 days ago. Like Morris, Swee'Pea got sick. The vets tried to help him, but couldn't in the long run. I had to make a hard decision while at the vet. The decision to let him go.
It seems to me that maybe Morris loved you so much that he didn't want you to have to go through the pain of having to make such a hard choice. And, maybe he didn't want you to see him in pain or suffering.
Our friends, Morris and Swee'Pea, loved us as much as we loved them, and I think that they do everything they can to shield us from pain of any kind. Swee'Pea always took care of me when I was sick, too.
Morris must have loved you so very much. He will always be with you, so long as you keep on loving him like you do.

Aug 31, 2011
Loving Morris
by: geoffrey campbell

God has Morris now dear friend, and there is good that will come out of this, I know the pain you feel as I lost my cat and cry when I think of her, but there is one thing that is a surety, God is love, and He who is love will not with hold from you your beloved Morris, though not now, one day on the new earth, when all things will be made new, you will hear a familiar "meow" and never have to be parted from your family member Morris. Never doubt this, trust in God who is love, and He will comfort you my friend, through this terrible but temporary grief when we lose a friend such as you have had in Morris. Sincerely, your friend in Scranton Pennsylvania

Aug 30, 2011
Morris is my best friend
by: Jesse

Tracy is my mom and Morris is my friend, but he was not just a friend. He's a family member, a brother. Morris had an aditude similar to mine because me and morris spent alot of time togather he would sleep in the same room with me in my arms and when i woke up the next day he would still be there purring. When i would get home from school he would be at the door to greet me when i was sick he would stay close to me. He liked to beat up are dogs because he could and they dogs were scared of him. If he was mad at you for any reason he forgave you in a heart beat. He was also very stubborn, he would only eat 9 lives cat food or ice cream his favorite thing was ketchup though. He liked to stare out the window to see what was going on outside. Morris didnt like being alone in the house if someone else was in the house, he would go in the room if the door was closed he would push it open and make his presence known. He understood english he would run if you said bath, he would get mad if you called him fat, he would headbutt you if you said you loved him. he was a great many things. His nick names were "Mo Mo and The Golden Child" I didnt get to say goodbye or how much i love him. Even though he's gone he will always be in my heart. I LOVE YOU MORRIS

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