Mother, Please Come Back!

by grace guntalilib
(Manila, Phillippines)

Once upon a memory someone wiped away a tear, held me close and loved me.,

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I will walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.But it is so impossible.I considered the sun, moon, the wind, and the stars forever be around reminding me of the love you shared.

I lost my mother such a young age.I was eight-year-old then.I woke up with a cold air whispering in my ears.I only go to school with my 10Pesos provision when I am in grade two.I still remember when I said to mother that I have to go to school because I'm late.I used to walk when I go to school.

Its lunch time.I have to walk again from school back to our house.I know it's very but when I go nearer and nearer to our house theres a wind blowing.I am singing that time.Suddenly, I heard the news that my mother committed a vehicular accident.

I felt like i will to collapse that time.Holding my books but I accidentally fell them unconsciously.I cried so loud and never stop crying that day.I have never seen her when she's in the hospital because child are not allowed to enter.That was the time that I felt that my hands and feet have grown cold.

The doctor told to my grandmother that she past away after a few minutes ago.My tears start to fall down again.Ican't accept that she's gone.Every minute of my life i still think of my dearest mother.But now, I realized that what ever happens life must go on.

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Jul 09, 2012
Mother, Please Come Back!
by: Doreen U.K.

Grace I am sorry you lost your mother in a car accident. It is sad that you were not allowed to enter the hospital to see your mother before she died. I hope that you can learn your history from your grandmother. A child needs to know the story of their family. This is your identity. Where you came from. Who were your mother and father. Aunts and uncles. Cousins. You need someone to tell you about your family. You need to cry and feel unhappy about your mother's death. This is not wrong because you have emotions. When you express how you feel you will heal and get better from losing your mother. you have a mature attitude. Life does go on. Life is full of sadness. We have to understand the sadness so that you don't carry this inside you and it affects your life. Happiness can come out of the sadness in time. I hope you find your family history and embrace it. I hope you heal from the death of your mother. I hope that you have family in your life to love you back to being the person you were meant to be. Be happy in life. Be successfull. Always have HOPE in your heart. May you smile again and life be good to you. Best wishes

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