by Georgene Rice
(Sharp, Louisiana)

My 45 year old son dropped dead of a massive heart attack in my living room on March 13, 2012 at 9:10 pm CST. He had no prior medical problems other than seasonal allergies. He was my first born and only son. I can't seem to stop crying, even with doctor prescribed meds. I want to just scream, and I have, the pain is so unbearable. I have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. People tell me you have them to live for, and I know I do; however, that does this heart ripping pain no good.

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Apr 05, 2012
by: Sharyl

My 26 year old son also died on March 13,but in 2010 at 9:30 EST. He collasped on his bedroom floor after taking a nap saying he felt like he might be coming down with a cold. His older brother was there and tried to do CPR until paramedics arrived,they could not bring him back. His autopsy found his heart enlarged probably from his sleep apnea. I have two other children, one daughter and one son. They are both precious to me but even after 2 years I struggle daily to put a smile on my face and try to be up beat around them. They deserve the mother I was before this tragedy happened to our family. My oldest son is now 31 years old and he refuses to talk about his brothers death. I think it's mainly because he couldn't save his brothers life.
All you can do is take 1 day at a time and realize that your life has changed forever. People who have not lost a child will not be much help to you. They will try in the beginning but you will soon see they quickly do not know what to do or say to make things better. In truth they really can't help you, that's why blog sites like this one are so very helpful, we have all been where you are now. I visit this site often late at night when I am most alone. I read everyone's
stories but I have never posted my own son's death
mostly because I could not find the words. Your tragedy was so similar to mine that I instantly
felt a connection with you. Just know you truly are not alone. Stay Strong.

Mar 25, 2012
my mom
by: Anonymous

my mother also died suddenly - such a shock - it has been about 3 months - I miss her so much - I loved her so very much. to me - she was perfect - I miss our nightly phone calls - I miss her laugh - I miss that she thought everything I had to say was interesting - I miss that she thought I was beautiful - she love me unconditionally - as I loved her the same. I know i will never get over the loss of my mother - people tell me you will never get over it - but at some point I will smile when I think of her instead of cry. I am not there yet. I would give anything to see her one more day. I know my mom wasnt going to be there forever - but I dont think you can ever prepare for the loss of a parent. most difficult thing I have had to go thru. I am fortunate that I had a loving relationship with my mom and for me I just miss her and miss everything about her - if you are fortunate to still have your mother - you are very blessed.

Mar 24, 2012
so many emotions
by: Anonymous

My thoughts are with you. I'm sorry just doesn't seem to measure up to the sorrow we feel. My youngest brother died of a heart attack this past fall. He was 45 years old. He was going to work, doing his usual routine. He did complain of a cough but we never imagined he was about to die. The shock of sudden death is so hard to process. One of the things that has helped me is that I realize this type of tragedy has happened to others too. We are not alone. Your son helped form who you are and as a result of that he will always be with you. I remind myself to do things that would make my brother proud. I miss him so much that my own heart physically hurts sometimes. There are times I wonder if I could have, should have done something more....insisted he go to the hospital maybe?? Guilt for not seeing the seriousness is something I need to come to resolve. None of us know what the future holds for us...each day is a precious gift and I want to make the most of the time I have here. Again, I am sorry for your loss. We have to find it within ourselves to move forward. Peace be with you.

Mar 23, 2012
45 yo son
by: Anonymous

Dear Georgene,

I am so sad for your loss. Your precious son, gone in a second. Your grief is so new I would expect that you are still in shock. Thankfully he did not suffer, but that is little consolation when you miss him so much. Yes, you have other family to live for, but grieve as long as you need to for the one you loved and lost. No one can take his place. I lost my firstborn to suicide a few years ago. I miss him terribly, but I will always carry him in my heart. I know I will see him again one day and that is my hope. May it be yours too. I'd love to chat if you would like to write me at: See you there. Blessings, GT

Mar 23, 2012
My heart goes out to you
by: Anonymous

I can understand the heart ache and pain your going through. The Suddenness and death of your beloved son.. The shock of seeing your loved one die in front of you.
Your whole being goes into shock, shaking, crying, and your heart feels like it will break.
My dad died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack.
No one can prepare you for the heart ache and pain you are going through.The sleepless nights and if only I could, and what if scenarios
Take it day by day, allow yourself to feel the emotions, and the heart ache and pain will change moment to moment. The intensity of your pain may lessen over time,however your love for your son will remain forever.
May you find comfort and solace with your family and loved ones

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