by Kim
(Kerrville TX)

The pressure remains heavily on my heart with each day
While the tears slowly find its way to pour down my cheeks
My life will never be the same since you went away
No words can ever describe the pain I hold deep within
I may have lost a lot in this life, but it'll never compare
For, there's a part of my heart missing that I'll never see again
I not only lost a best friend and an angel, but a beautiful mother
A mother who meant the world to me who's difficult to live without
I know you have returned safely in the arms of your son and my brother
But, if only I would've had time to say everything I needed to
Now I'm left with the regret and guilt for not making things right
And through each moment, day, month, or year I'll always miss and love you.

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Nov 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

so sorry for your devastating loss of your mum-My mother died 13years ago and I have since lost to death friends mother/and father-in-law and worst of all my husband of 40 years Bill in 2010-he said I would be a lonely old woman and that is true.I did not realise the awful emotion pain I/we have to suffer ever day and night and other people who have not yet been there will not understand.Heart-wrenching sorrow,anger at oneself,many regrets,tears,being scared,abandonment by others,do not make our troubles any easier,we don't want to be here with this complicated stuck grief-hoping you have someone to talk to -I'm struggling again today-best wishes-Tina xx

Oct 30, 2013
by: Doreen UK

Kim I am sorry for your loss of your mom. the most painful part of grief for all of us is living with REGRETS of unfinished business. Sometimes we can resolve life's difficulties as we go on each day, but not easy for many of us. Often things can become routine and we just accept this and go on from day to day till a death occurs. What you are feeling is a strong part of grief and should pass soon. If it doesn't you can see a grief counsellor for help in this area.
We don't get to complete our life with the one's we love, even your mother would have had regrets that she didn't do things the way she would have liked. This is part of life. When my husband was dying of cancer a lot of regrets came up for him and it added to his grief of dying. I assured and reassured him that he had done as much as he could in his life and any regrets he had to let go of and concentrate on the present time he had and to enjoy each moment as best as he could. It was too late to start living with regrets he simply had to accept life as it was and live in the moment and be the best he could be not forgetting his limitations and his circumstances. He died 18 months ago of cancer and I miss him so much. It will HURT FOREVER. But I hope with less Pain. I think the death of a close family member is one of the most critical experiences of our life, and we cannot anticipate beforehand what it would be like and how we would feel. Even our loved ones who pass on lived with regrets. It is part of our humanity. Accept what you can't change and Change what you can and you will be a survivor.

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