motherless and lost

by Alexandria

When I was a little girl my mom was my everything and I couldn't think of life without her until march 31,2009 when I picked up the house phone and I was told my mother had passed away I didn't understand because I was only 7 but now I understand but my mom is put out of her misery and the terrible life she has experienced so as time progressed my dad lost himself and he forgot he had 6 children at home but usually I was the only one their but keep in mind I'm only 9 at this time with no way to contact anybody in case of any emergency and so we lost our house and we're staying house to house until finally we got taken away to foster care then about a year later my dad finally got us back and now I've spiraled out of control because I don't have my mother here to love me and guide me into the right direction..

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Jan 29, 2014
motherless and lost
by: Nadine

Alexandria, I also lost my mom though i was much older than you at the time. All i can say is that with out a support system it is very easy to spiral out of control. Of course no one can take the place of your mother but if there is anyone you can talk to, a friend or even a teacher, i would strongly suggest doing so. Keeping things inside will only make matters worse. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Seek help now. I wish you only the best.

Jan 28, 2014
Motherless and lost
by: Doreen UK

Alexandria I am so sorry for your loss of your mother and also of your father for a time. You are so young, very frightened at the time with feelings of ABANDONMENT. Put into care and perhaps separated from your siblings. You have internalised this fear and loss and acting this out through your behaviour. You need to speak to some responsible adult and ask for counselling. You will keep spiralling out of control unless you get the right support. Only then can you function better and get through your education, otherwise this will suffer. AS you get older and mature in age you will experience different emotions and feelings that will be different from the one's you have now. If you get counselling now you will go through the transitions of childhood to adulthood better with good support. If you have an aunt or any other close Adult Female you can talk to. Relate your concerns about missing your mother and how you need a role model to help you with female matters. These are needs you have and shouldn't deny yourself these. You may have to ask for this in the way of having a mentor through your young life. You also have siblings and could be a valuable support to them when you have your own needs met. Don't hold it against your father for forgetting his children that caused you to be put in care. Your father was probably numb with grief and deep sorrow and acted out how he felt. In other words he couldn't cope. It is a scary place to be for all of you. The positive fact is your father came back for you and he is trying his best to be father and mother. He will get many things wrong. But you can support him and teach him what you all need. You acted responsibly by writing here to this site. WE will support you. Write back as often as you need to. Because of space I will have to end now but wish you well in the days and months ahead.

Jan 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

You have to believe with all your heart that your mother is with you and guiding you. I lost my daughter and that is the only thing that has kept me on my feet. You are so young but you cannot let this tragedy define you. You have survived thus far and can overcome any hurdle In front of you. Make your mom proud

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