Moved Away

by Anonymous
(Slidell, LA)

I met the most wonderful girl in my life. She was not only my lover, but also my best friend. She was the only person in my life that has ever made me feel good about myself. I was always shy, and had no self-esteem. I was depressed for a few years before I met her, and the only way I got better was through her. We met in a speech class and her mom was the teacher. At the end of the year I was afraid that I would never see her again so I asked her out. We were perfect for each other. We had the same habits, same personalities and we both walked the same way. She was the female version of me. I'm very unique and there's not a lot of people out there who are like me. Our romantic relationship was really special because, we really loved each other for who we were, unlike most couples who often get physical. We were in a relationship for almost 3 months when I heard that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. The insurance companies wouldn't cover her illness so she had to move to Hawaii (over 5,000 miles away).

We talked about her moving and we agreed to try a long distance relationship. But almost a month before she had to move (after being together for almost 8 months), she changed her mind about it and broke-up with me. She told me that we had no chance of getting back together any time soon.

She's going to move to Peru next then to Scotland. It'll take over a decade if we ever get back together. She said we'll still be friends, but I'm never able to get in touch with her. I feel like it was a good-bye forever. I feel like I lost the only thing in my life that has ever made me happy and made me feel complete. Every weekend we used to do things together. Now everywhere I go, I'm reminded of the only love and friend I've ever had. The weekends are so lonely now, and every time I try to meet someone new, they just make me feel worse about myself.

She was the only girl in my life that has been really nice to me. We are both teenagers and so we can't move together to be with each other. I really love her and really miss her. I just want to see her again like I used to. I feel like the only person on this planet has died, leaving me to feel alone for the rest of my life.

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Mar 06, 2011
I understand!
by: Anonymous

I understand exactly how you feel. I know it's hard. I know it feels like she's the only person that can understand you or accept you for how you are, but I PROMISE you that she is not.
I mourned for a month. I even contemplated suicide. I begged him not to hurt me and break all the promises he made to me. I gave him everything I had. Everything. I had nothing special left for anyone. He was my first boyfriend ever and we had been together for a year.

And now just two weeks ago, I met someone so amazing. He's liked me for three years, and it wasn't until I was able to stop grieving and see clearly. He is the sweetest guy ever and he really truly likes me. I'm not going to say love yet, but I really like him.

Don't lose hope. There really is someone else. I promise you. Just pray and ask the Lord to do what he needs to do with your life.

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