Mr. Blue

by Trice

My fiance and i were together, she was pregnant and everything was great between us. We were excited to have our baby together and the 9 months was the best in my life. She loved me and told me everyday; I thought I was on the fast track for a family life. When my son was born things were still great we were happy new parents taking care of our child. 6 weeks after he was born she told me she wasn't in love with me anymore and took my son and gave back her ring.

I have been sad ever since cause i don't know what i did to deserve it she treats me like a ghost and a stranger and lets me see my son whenever but it's not the same anymore. I just want to get over it because I have to see her for the rest of my life to see my son. what do i do i have never been this confused and sad.

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Nov 18, 2010
don't give up
by: Miss Dee

Mr. Blue, i know exactly how u feel. it hurts so bad when someone you love and she used to love u has turn to be a stranger that u don't even know at all. but believe that something good will happen to u someday. someday you will feel glad that u don't being with that kind of woman. learn to be strong. u never know how strong u are until being strong is the only choice u have. keep on praying and believing that God has a better plan for u =)

Nov 17, 2010
you will find another
by: JG

I don't know when you wrote this but I hope by now you have found someone worthy of your devotion. It's hard to accept when we pour ourselves into a person and then they just stomp all over our hearts. You are not alone in this, there are so many others who have gone through it and and gone past it to find real love and contentment.

Give yourself time to review the true events and you'll see her feelings were never true. Some girls can have children with someone and not think it special. They just aren't wired right.

I hope God guides you to a truer love.

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