Mums about to die...

im 15 and my mum has ovarian and liver cancer and has 1 year left, i was wondering what i could do this coming year to make it really spcecial for her and i know it wont set in until her death nears, i just want to know what to expect, please reply :(

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Jun 02, 2012
Hang in there...
by: Anonymous

Write things down. When I lost my mom a few months ago, there was so much I wish I would have written down. I am terrible with birthdays, her favorite recipes, things that bring me comfort, I always called her for things that I needed to remember. Luckily, she wrote down Many many things. So we have little scraps of paper with her thoughts on them that mean so MUCH to us now. Definietely do the Memory Jar that was reccomended by the other post(sorry, I don't recall the name) but that is a wonderful idea. I did this myself for my Mom for Mother's day many years ago. I can't tell you what a comfort it was to find that jar in her curio cabinet years later, and to have my Dad tell me about how she'd go through the memory jar and re-read all the little memories I had about her. And it was a gift to Future me, looking for memories to cheer me. Hang in there. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. But what has helped ME, is knowing that I TOLD her how much she meant to me. How special and smart and kind she was. I have No regrets about words unspoken, and you have the time to share those things with her still. Make more memories too. HAve a sleepover in her room, things like that. Enjoy the time you have.

Mar 16, 2012
Find out who your mom really is...
by: Jenny

I am much older than you and lost my mom in November. I am sorry you have to go through this so young.

I had time for all of the "I love you," but she couldn't talk. Try to video your mom...ask her her favorite color, her favorite song, food, vacation spot her favorite memory or times with you. Find out all of the things that made her happy.

Ask her what her favorite food is, where she wanted to travel and about her younger years. Make sure you have video of her and of her voice. Tell her you love her over and over and don't stop. Tell her your dreams, what you want in the future as far as marriage, career, work etc and how you will do that. Then, tell her you love her forever.

You will be stronger than you think, but always let your feelings out. Luvs

Jan 18, 2012
Be there
by: Anonymous

Hi, Just read your post, I lost my mother July 18, 2011. We found out she had bone,liver, and lung cancer 2 months prior. There was no cure for her unfortunately. What I did and my family we spent all the time we could. We didn't treat her as incapable we treated her how we always did, joked around, teased. We gave her anything she wanted. My advise be there for her, help to do stuff she wants to do. Try not to say no, if she is in the final year of her life, let her live it.

On another note, a possible positive thought. My aunty was diagnosed last january 2011 she was given 4-6 months to live, she had lung cancer. Around christmas time, she went into remission.

Theres a song you should listen to it might help you, share it with your mom and let her know your going to be there for through everything. Rascal Flatts - don't let go.

Hope this helps.

In the case if she does pass, it will be hard for a long while, you might feel guilty when you start living your life and slowly becoming happy, but always remember a mother always wants her child to be happy. All the best to you.

Jan 10, 2012
It's going to be hard but it'll be okay
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel, I lost my mother two weeks before I turned 14. I'm 16 now and still figuring out how to cope.
It's a horrible time to lose someone so fundamental to your life. You should be thankful for the chance to spend the year with her. Make memories, enjoy her presence, show her how much you care.
Spending the time will be hard when you know you're going to lose her, but don't distance yourself to make the loss feel any easier. It doesn't work.
I'm sorry that you have to go through something this tragic ♥

Dec 21, 2011
I know your pain
by: Patrick

I lost my mother on 11/11/11 from liver cancer. Today marks one year ago that we found out that she had a year or so. It goes by in what now seems like a blink of an eye. For us it became different stages of normal meaning she never got better more we got use to her stages of sickness. She had good days but only a hand full. She had many treatments that made her sick but they did buy her more time with our family. She had a very hard time eating and it was hard to get her to eat. The last couple months she kinda pulled away from us if this happens don't take it to heart its nothing you did or didn't do. She wanted to be at home so we all moved in to be with her. She started sleepin more and we started living for brief moments and these are special moments. We all sat beside her the day she passed and told her it was ok to let go and that she didn't have to fight anymore to take Jesus by the hand and that we loved her and then within a minute of doin that she was gone. Things are gonna be hard so be strong and pray and never give up hope.

Dec 20, 2011
For your Mum
by: Familyof5forever

Have everyone you know including yourself write a memory of your mom and put into a jar on the day you wish to celebrate give her the jar reacd each and every memory with her - and then keep the memory jar and you will have a lifetime of memories to read over and over and over.

I am so, so sorry.....................

Dec 19, 2011
Mums Alive Now...Make it Count
by: TrishJ

Spend as much time with your mother as possible. Ask her to tell you as much as she can about her life and what you should expect as you grow into womanhood. Be with her every moment that you can.
She will always be your mother and will always love you.
When doctors say that someone has 1 year to live ~ they don't really know for sure. Many people go into remissions and live for many more years. Pray...ask God for help. Ask God what you should do. He will never forsake you.
God bless you and your family.

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