my 23 year old baby boy lil O.C.

by Michelle

sent from heaven

sent from heaven

sent from heaven
moma's baby
daddy's man

My son died fathers day,june 17,2012 due to a motorcycle accident.When i saw my 23 yr. old son he was dieing and i died with him.I remember november1,1988 seeing your beautiful face for first time.Now i feel lost,I actually still look for you in the mornings,wait for you to come home at night.I dont know whats real anymore.I feel like a empty shell.Im having back to back panic attacks when i do try to think of the last time i saw you fathers day laying on ground not moving,me calling out for help and people saying when he heard my voice ,he tried to move.He heard his moma,now im holding on for the day you come to me in a dream and i can hear your voice say moma im good,moma I love you. Please pray for my family and I.

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Sep 30, 2012
My 23 year old baby boy ill o.c
by: Wondra

You have experienced a great, great loss. You will never be the same. People are praying for you and your family. When my son died, I went to the cemetery so much that the staff put a bench near his grave for me to sit. Even though I have his name ready to mark his grave, I have yet to let staff put his name on his grave. For me, it's too final and it hurts too much. I have accepted his death, but cannot bring myself to mark his grave. It's part of my grieving process. Perhaps, you have your own. God bless you

Jul 13, 2012
So sorry for your loss
by: Cathy

I am so sorry for the loss of your son and sudden loss is the worst to see your own beloved angel gasping for breath is dying yourself, my son left me on 18th October 2011 suddenly due to heart attack and its terrible, i know how you feel a part of you dies the day they leave you and i doubt if we can ever be the same again . It is just that we have to carry on in life but it is very difficult without them hearing their voice, you just miss it very terribly and wish they would come back one last time, i wish you courage and healing to go on .God bless you and my hugs to you.

Jul 12, 2012
by: martha

I know all to well how you feel my son passed away at home on May 06, 2012 right before mothers day. People keep telling me it will get better but I feel like things are getting worse I cry more today than before I go to the cemetary every day he is constantly on my mind my heart goes out to you because I to well share your pain I am sorry that you have to feel this loss becuase it is the most horrible thing in the world wish I could see you and just give you a hug from one grieving parent to another

Jul 12, 2012
I feel your pain
by: kay

Oh your words make the tears flow down my face,I am so sad to hear of the loss of your baby.Our sons are our babies and remain so in our hearts forever no matter what age.I lost my 23 year old son in 2010 in a car accident...I understand your pain,I was at the scene of my sons accident and yes part of you dies with your child.I am still in such pain I know will only end when I am with my boy.I send you love,understanding and strength to cope.I honestly do not know how I have come this far.My heart aches for you.xxxx

Jul 12, 2012
A Note of Sympathy.
by: Anonymous

I pray that you and your family and friends will somehow find a measure of comfort through the kindness and prayers of who love and care for you after your heartbreaking loss. I lost my 38-year-old daughter in a motorcycle-versus-semi accident last fall.

Your son was, and always will be, a precious gift to you and to all whose lives he touched. He must have known how very much you loved him. I have no words of wisdom to offer, but I'm trying to find a meaningful way to honor my daughter's life. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jul 12, 2012
So sorry..
by: Ruth M

Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your beautiful boy. I know what you are going through, my only son died 2 years ago. I remember all too well still looking for him and waiting for him to come home. Shopping trips where I still went to the items that I bought just for him. The shock of such a sudden tragedy in itself seems like it will be the death of you. Please know that in time, wheneve the time is right for you, you will smile again when it comes to your son. Its a long and rough road to get there and certainly no consolation, but it can happen. I know you are probably not even thinking on those lines. I hope you can get through the first 8-9 months, they were the very hardest for me. If you think about it, how could you not be devastated right now? Let grief do its work and do not let anyone try to convince you to be strong, its okay cause your strength has been taken from your very heart.....your world has been turned around like nothing ever before. Please know if you want to talk you can email me at I will always be happy to talk. Best regards, Ruth

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